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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Fashion and Lifestyle Network

Engaging the fashion and lifestyle sectors to accelerate action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network, an online platform hosted by the United Nations (UN), plays a key role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by connecting industry stakeholders, media, governments, and UN entities.

 Recognizing the fashion and lifestyle industries' profound environmental, economic, and societal influence, the UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network actively advocates for transparent, inclusive, and transformative engagement among global stakeholders. The Network enables collaboration among industries and the UN system and accelerates innovation, knowledge sharing, and promotes members who are driving a positive impact on the Goals.

The Network offers to its members a unique space for collaboration from local to international scale. The Network members benefit from access to the newest reports and access to speaking opportunities, as well as invitations to events. Registered initiatives on the platform serve as powerful showcases, spotlighting how the fashion and lifestyle sectors are spearheading transformative change in pursuit of the SDGs. 

The UN Fashion and Lifestyle Network is led by the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the Fashion Impact Fund. The Network stands as a catalyst for sustainable development within the fashion and lifestyle sectors.

With global reach, the network actively highlights the impactful achievements of its diverse membership through various channels. Through its online platform and regular in-person and virtual events, including convenings, panels, and webinars, the network actively amplifies the achievements of its diverse membership both at the UN Headquarters in New York and on a global scale.

The time to come together to enable action and collaboration to meet these Goals is now!

Join the Network and work with us to transform the fashion and lifestyle industries. Together we can design a sustainable future for people and the planet.

The United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network works closely with the key Network members including Lenzing, Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network and U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol to achieve transformative change of the industry to keep the promise of the SDGs.

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