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    In order to enhance awareness and get more involvement of the individuals, entities, organizations to SDGs to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change, contributing support to local/national governments on implementing of SDGs for a better world by 2030, practice on creating of a collection of 17 abstract paintings (called as a project) comply with 17 goals of SDGs respectively is made using mixed media (recycling materials, acrylic) on various size of canvas. Each of single colorful painting among 17ea of the project is not only carefully studied in order to reflect better objectives of the goals but also be a unique artwork represent unique view of the artist on the same matter

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    Experiences & Techniques: As in early stage of art career, artist is studying, expensing on with his talent to create art project aim for supporting to enhance awareness of residents on sustainable development and UN SGDs. The project is combination using acrylic, wastes & recycling materials with various techniques & skills in reference to 17 SDGs respectively. Financing & Sponsors Approaches: Artist expenses time & cost to create the project outputs. However, due to limitation of resources, it’s expected that with approval as good practice, artist will take advantage to approach financing for un-completed project outputs & help easier for the effort. Beside approaches for financing, artist is expecting approval as good practice shall be an advantage to approach sponsorship for organization of its public exhibition. Donation Approaches: Project is made aim to approach for donation to support for implementation of sustainable development goals. Implementation Plan: Project creating of 17 abstract paintings is started from 30 Nov 2020 with general milestones as following: 30Nov2020-14Mar2021: Creation of abstract paintings aim for Exhibition Title “Sustainable Development”&Goals 4,2,14,6,17,5,1,15,3. 14Mar2021: Submission for Good Practices 2nd Open Call; 15Mar–30Jun2021: Goals 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 ,16. 30 Jun – 30 Jul 2021: Preparation of Proposal for Public Exhibition Fund Raising & Sponsorship Application in parallel with submittal to obtain permission for public Exhibition in Home Country (HCMC & Ha Noi). 15 Jul-22 Jul 2021: Public Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City; 30Jul-07Aug2021: Organization Public Exhibition in Ha Noi; Aug 2021-Aug 2022: Preparation for Public Exhibition in other geographical coverage area (targeted cities) depending on actual COVID-19 situation


    The outputs of the projects are 17 abstract paintings with recycling-mixed media on various sizes of canvas reflecting and matching up 17 goals of the UN’s SDGs respectively and 1ea painting reflect all goals and its targets named as title and represent for public exhibition. Expected results of the project are successful organization of public exhibitions in above mentioned geographical coverage areas aim to enhance awareness, get more involvement of the individuals, entities, organizations to SDGs. Even the world are suffered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the practice is expected to inspire emerging artists, actors worldwide contributing their supports on implementing on sustainable development goals of the local/ national governments and support for spreading wider the SDGs knowledge to everyone at all level to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Artist shall expense time and cost & approach financing to create project outputs. Other important factors that help project success are to finance and sponsor for organization, obtain permission for public exhibition at targeted cities in artist’s home country and above mentioned geographical coverage areas including but not limit to transportation, exhibition setting, sponsored information, policies, and others related applicable fees, costs. Beside financing and sponsorship, collaboration among designated SDGs implementing agencies, its partnerships, local/national government agencies are also key constrains for success of the practice

    Sustainability and replicability

    The artist, individually, intend to donate completed outputs of the project, and all remaining of total 17ea abstract paintings to designated SDGs implementing agencies under UN or its partnerships, local/ national governments agencies if financed. Once success, this practice particularly support artist for sustainable development to plan future projects and continue his works to contribute support to end poverty, fight inequality and climate change for the better world. In some other way, the practice may inspire the youth and emerging artists not only in Vietnam but worldwide to contribute their value and supports on implementing SDGs 2030 agenda and reaching supporting investment from collectors, more involvement of private sector via commercial sales/ auction of the donated paintings after finished its public exhibition tournament to raise fund support for operation and implementing of national governments to achieve the goals

    Other sources of information

    The SDGs knowledge reference for creating project outputs are preferred to www.sdgs.un.org and others related UN’s websites. The project’s progress and outputs partially be public announced via artist’s page at https://www.facebook.com/Vietnam-Abstract-Paintings-101082612057482/ and other artist’s social network such as Instagram, Tweeter. The artist’s own website at www.vietnamabstract.vn is under construction and expected be opened soon on April 2020

    COVID-19 Impact

    The practice is under progress of creating outputs account for about 30% completion (6ea paintings completed out of 18ea). According to plan, the project shall be completed until 30 June 2021. Under excellent controlling spreading of COVID-19 pandemic of the Vietnamese government, the plan for application for sponsorship and obtaining permission for public exhibition in targeted cities of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City in artist’s home country of Vietnam is expected be not impacted by the pandemic and be smoothly on track. Until this submission, no mitigations on global impacts are made. The specific proposals shall be made with mitigations of impacts measurement in countries other than artist’s home country after approval or upon requested by the sponsors or approval agencies. The success on public exhibition in artist’s home country will create advantages and inspirations for plan in other countries

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    30 November 2020 (start date)
    07 August 2021 (date of completion)
    Le Van Quan (individual)
    Other beneficiaries

    Artist intend donate, a part project outputs if be not financed or all project outputs if be financed, to designated SDGs implementing agencies under UN and or its partnerships, local and national governments agencies. The funds raising is expected from the commercial sales/ auctions of the paintings during/ after the public exhibition tournament may support for better operation and implementation of SDGs in Vietnam and developing countries

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