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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Russia: The 13th Human Development Report for the Russian Federation, Energy Sector and Sustainable Development

Publication Year: 2010 Publisher: UNDP


The 2009 National Human Development Report (NHDP) for the Russian Federation, entitled ‘Energy Sector and Sustainable Development', outlines issues associated with a prime concern in Russia today, which is development of the fuel & energy sector. The authors provide a detailed analysis of the situation, make forecasts and study the options
for overcoming current negative trends in supply and consumption of energy resources.

The energy sector currently supports all other parts of the Russian economy, consolidates constituent entities of the Russian Federation and has major impact on formation of the country’s main social and economic indicators. In order for the sector to develop, meet modern challenges and provide sustainable development of the country’s economy, the government is conducting a policy that aims to maximize the efficiency of energy resource utilization and the potential of the energy segment.