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STREETS MULTI-SPORT COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP HUBS (SMCPH) Sports – Training – Recruitment – Education – Employment – Technology - Sustainability Hubs-Using concepts of Sports Diplomacy and principles of Human Resource Development for sustainable communities.

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    Since 2005, Sports Management Consultancy's consultants have created, designed, developed, delivered and analysed hubs including the Streets Multisport Community Partnerships Model (SMCPM), to provide sporting and personal development opportunities to disadvantaged and disabled communities in urban areas. The STREETS methodology is implemented and integrated in new and existing hubs at strategic locations to act as a platform and/or gateway for collaborations that interconnect to form wider networks that foster sustainable social, economic, and environmental development.  Each hub has 9 key Grassroot focus areas that create the foundation and 6 frameworks that act as pillars that are managed by a community-led multi-functional sports trust for local governance.

    Objective of the practice

    The objective of STREETS' hubs is to act as a platform to establish and introduce collaborative sports partnerships and enhance the social and economic affairs of the host communities.


    UK Partners:

    England & Wales Cricket Board

    The Shared Learning Trust

    Cricket East

    Active Luton

    Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

    Luton Borough Council

    Luton Adult Learning

    Luton Youth Offending Service

    Bedfordshire Police

    142 collaborations partnerships for SDG awareness and implementation

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    UK Strategy: each hub has 9 key Grassroot focus areas:

    1. Year-round indoor and outdoor multi-sports STREETS hubs that using concepts of Sports Diplomacy to develop community led collaborations and concepts of HRD for a holistic, personal and professional development of members for social cohesion in society.

    2. Community Consultation and review. A scoping exercise using surveys, questionnaires, polls and demographic statistics to capture for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

    3. Enlightenment – Accelerate the awareness and implementation of the 17 SDGs.

    4. Beneficiary, Stakeholder and Partner Relations.

    5. Multifunctional community hub located in an educational setting that provides services based on community needs and requirements.

    6. Diversity and Inclusion strategy for tackling racism, rising inequality, disparities of opportunity, wealth and power, and gender equality.

    7. Making sure safeguarding and welfare for protection of the most vulnerable and the wider community.

    8. Quality, monitoring and evaluation software to conduct indicator-based and data-driven measuring and monitoring.

    9.Local Governance board in each hub local authority ward consists of a local councilor, sports coaches, Police Community Support Officers, Social Worker and any key stakeholder from CBOs. 


    The STREETS methodology has revolutionised sports hubs across the country resulting in the following:

    Sports Management Consultancy has continued to promote SDG 17 by making collaborations to create the awareness and implementation of the sustainable development goals. 

    Below is some evidence of the work delivered using the STREETS methodology since May 2021:

    In June 2021, following the lockdown, a multi-agency festival was arranged to entice communities to come out and indulge in physical activity.


    In July 2021, in partnership with Active Luton, the HAF programme enabled us to support 180 young children and their families throughout the Easter, summer and Christmas school holidays.  This holiday provision is for school-aged children from reception to year 11 (inclusive) who receive benefits-related free school meals.


    In August 2021, to empower women & girls, the region's first festival was arranged with local partners to reduce inequalities.


    In September 2021, due to racism allegations made against Yorkshire CCC, an ICC Cricket World Cup trophy tour was taken to 48 locations in Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Leeds & Bradford





    In October 2021, due to an influx of newly arrived Afghani refugees support was provided to assist them to integrate into society using sport.


    In November 2021, due to complaints of neglect, the newly arrived Afghan refugees were provided with support on how to stay safe and how to stay healthy.


    In January 2022, the Luton Steelbacks Cricket Academy was launched to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to excel in cricket and secure an educational pathway. Masterclasses and taster sessions will take place until September 2022 and then first scholars will begin their A-Levels or CTEC qualification which will commence for two years.



    The Luton Steelbacks Cricket Academy | The Sixth Form (thesharedlearningtrust.org.uk)

    Monty Panesar and David Ripley head into bat for Luton | The Cricketer

    In January 2022, in partnership with Active Luton & Sports England, free sports sessions have been arranged until March 2022 to provide the newly arrived Afghani refugees residing in hotels the opportunity to stay fit, acquire life skills and employment opportunities.




    Enabling factors and constraints

    Collaborative partnerships with the sports, training, recruitment, education, employment, and technology sectors.

    Sustainability and replicability

    Establishing sports events, competitions, and leagues that promote, enhance and implement the SDGs.


    In 2023 the focus is to develop Women & Girls sports hubs across the UK with the first being established in Luton.

    An excellent example of empowering a young lady to participate in sport which then inspires her to do more is Maryam.  She started as a volunteer, developed into a coach, and then got inspired by social media during her online sports sessions during the COVID pandemic.  Since 2021, her endeavors have led her to develop the confidence to become a global influencer:

    Instagram Profile: Maryam Malik (@maryxm.mx) • Instagram photos and videos

    TikTok profile: Maryam (@maryxm.mx) TikTok | Watch Maryam's Newest TikTok Videos


    Sports Management Consultancy is planning to accelerate the awareness and implementation of the 17 sustainable development goals using the STREETS methodology.  Ten new or existing sports hubs will be enhanced across the United Kingdom over the next 12 months.

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    04 January 2018 (start date)
    19 December 2029 (date of completion)
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    Families from 30 ethnicities learn to integrate through sport, training, and workshops.

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