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GoldenKey — Building a Platform to Show SDG Good Solutions and Success Stories of Private Sector in China

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    Chinese President Xi Jinping highlighted sustainable development as the “golden key” to solving global problems. In response the Decade of Action and Chinese government calling for accelerating sustainable solutions to global challenges, China Sustainability Tribune (CST), an authoritative media focus on sustainable development in China, launched the GoldenKey —Sustainable Development Solutions Campaign, an open call and selection for private sector’s good practices in SDG implementation in China. With a SDGs actions evaluation standard, a transparent review process, a platform for exchange and a case base, GoldenKey reveals China’s efforts and solutions in achieving the 2030 Agenda.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    GoldenKey sets 9 procedures to find exemplary SDGs actions, aiming to create the award as an ‘Oscar’ in the field of sustainability. 1) Design the evaluation standard: Guided by SDGs and China’s progress and approaches, the “GoldenKey AMIVE” criteria set. 2) Launching ceremony: CST officially launched the GoldenKey Campaign together with academia, business and professional organizations. Meanwhile, the GoldenKey Expert Committee, which consisting of 23 experts from leading companies and international organizations was set up. They took charge of cases recommendation and evaluation. 3) Recommendation and self-recommendation: The candidates, some recommended by experts and some proposed voluntarily, submitted their cases based on the AVIME criteria. 122 actions from 92 enterprises were received. 4) Pre-evaluation: According to AVIME criteria, CST evaluated the application received. 94 actions from 79 enterprises were qualified to further evaluation. 5) Public Vote: On media, CST appealed public to vote for their favourite cases, thereby to generate a broader reach. 6) Roadshow and review: 79 enterprises introduced the problems their actions aim to solve, the solutions they came up with, the results and impacts. 37 actions were selected for Excellence Award and would further run for the Champion. The other 57 actions won the award of GoldenKey · Honorable. 7) Champion selection: The 37 Excellence cases were required to submit a 100 second videos to present their cases. The Jury voted to select the final winners. 8) Award Ceremony: the ceremony was held on site and online, at which 9 GoldenKey · Champion winners were announced and awarded. 9) Art Exhibition: the Sustainable Actions Art Exhibition was held at the award ceremony. 14 enterprises presented SDGs stories.


    1) The “GoldenKey AMIVE” criteria is an important result, proposing to evaluate SDG practices from five dimensions, namely Accuracy – to target the pain points; Match, to find the most suitable solutions; Innovation, to break out difficulties with innovative methods; Value, to generates comprehensive value; Enlightening, to win supports from stakeholders. It helps enterprises to review the goals of their actions, the value they want to achieve, and the breakthrough they contribute to. 2) It collects a bunch of good actions that are innovative and replicable, which can inspire others to take actions. 3) It creates an exchange platform, at which companies can communicate with their counterparts and gain inspiration from experts. 4) A case collection publication. CST is compiling the GoldenKey SDG good practices into a collection. It would be adopted by management schools for education purpose, or serves as a guidance and references for enterprises that have passion for SDGs practice.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    1) Enabling factors i. Academia supports: Sustainable Development Research Center of Tsinghua University offered professional guidance to participants. Researchers and experts on CSR/SDG also provided their supports. ii. Financial supports: Mengniu Diary, Infinitus, Nissan China and Swiss Re provided financial supports to the Campaign. 2) Constraints i. Limited promotion: As it was held for the first time, it was difficult to inform a large number of enterprises in a short period, resulting in some good practices missing this opportunity. ii. COVID-19 pandemic: Face-to-face events were limited by the pandemic, only part of participants can join the ceremony.

    Sustainability and replicability

    1) It designs a practical system to dig out and evaluate good SDG practices of the private sector, which could be applied to other sectors, including the “GoldenKey AMIVE” criteria; a selection process ranging from recommendation and self-recommendation to roadshow, experts review, selection and award; diversified experts from international organizations, academia and business serving as juries; a group of candidates that are dedicated to deliver SDGs. 2) It receives applause for its professionalism and innovation. Candidates think highly of GoldenKey and express their willingness to run for the awards again. 3) It plans to extending its influence to a broader audience. CST is i. inviting champions to share their practices to different stakeholders such as universities, enterprises, and international organizations ii. compiling good practices in to a collection for education purposes iii. launching the 2nd GoldenKey Campaign in 2021 to find out more excellent SDGs practices.

    COVID-19 Impact

    1) To ensure transparency and impartiality, all candidates were required to join the roadshow and review onsite. However, some had to give up due to COVID-19 prevention and control measures implemented by governments. Candidates who failed to join onsite also missed the opportunities to engage with peers and experts. 2) It brings light in the dark time and plays a positive role in pursing economic recovery and delivering SDGs. It offers a platform for businesses to present, communicate and learn from their counterparts, boosting confidence, facilitating knowledge sharing. It also sends positive signals to the public. By awarding SDGs models, the Campaign guides and encourages all sectors to practice SDGs, which will contribute to sustainable recovery and resilient growth.

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    27 November 2020 (start date)
    07 January 2021 (date of completion)
    China Sustainability Tribune
    Other beneficiaries

    • Businesses: 92 companies joined GoldenKey. It creates a platform to present their efforts. • SDG experts: The GoldeKey Expert Committee consists of researchers from academic institutes as well as senior manager of CSR/SDG in businesses circles. • Partners: Several enterprises support to the Campaign, generating their influence in SDGs implementation • Public: Nearly 1.5 million publics knew SDGs and China SDG Actions through the voting.

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