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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

International Conference on Climate and Cities

Publication Year: 2018 Publisher: UN-Habitat

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This proceedings document is one mechanism which this detailed information will be shared following the conference. The second output of the conference, which is being prepared in parallel to these proceedings is the Global Research and Action Agenda on Cities and Climate Change Science, which has been submitted to the IPCC as part of the Conference
Report, and was noted and approved by the Panel during the IPCC’s 48th Plenary.

This Research and Action Agenda is a synthesis of the research gaps which came out of the
detailed inputs to the conference, found here. This proceeding will include a summary of each thematic plenary session as well as the SSC led plenary session held mid-way through
the conference, which served to present what the SSC had heard to date and a platform for conference participants to bring up important questions which had stemmed from the
information they had heard to date. It will also include parallel session summaries and answers to a set of questions posed to each parallel session convener, to bring forward research gaps related to the work which was presented in their session. It will also include posters which were presented at the conference, as well as the papers which were commissioned by the SSC in advance of the Conference.