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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Partnerships for Small Island Developing States

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The SIDS Partnership Analysis has been undertaken for the purpose of helping countries prepare for the mid-term review of the SAMOA Pathway, with a view to assist Member States in better understanding the landscape of the many SIDS partnerships that have been undertaken to implement the SAMOA pathway, and how these partnerships have addressed its priority areas.

The analysis takes an in-depth look on the status and trends of partnerships for SIDS, illustrated with case studies that provides a basis for the description of best practices in developing durable and genuine partnerships for SIDS.

Specifically, the in-depth review aims to answer the following questions:

  • What is the status and trends of SIDS partnerships globally, regionally and nationally?
  • How have these partnerships addressed the SAMOA Pathway priority areas?
  • Are there under-represented areas of the SAMOA Pathway that may need to be addressed through further partnerships?
  • Have the partnerships had an impact on their beneficiaries and on sustainable development of SIDS?
  • What challenges have the partnerships faced?
  • What lessons have been learned that could help in developing the next generation of genuine and durable multi-stakeholder partnerships?

The analysis was informed by a range of stakeholders, partners, regional reports, interviews, and through a series of partnership dialogues organized in the margins of the preparatory process of the SAMOA Pathway High-level Mid-term Review.