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Promoting Sustainable Development Through Ecological Poverty Reduction: Experience of Aohan Banner in Realizing Sustainable Development Goals Through Ecological Development

People’s Government of Aohan Banner (
Local / Regional Government

    Aohan Banner combined ecological development with poverty reduction. By developing forest products, the understory economy and the forest product processing industry and providing jobs for the impoverished population, the banner transformed ecological benefits into economic profits, and provided guarantee for the impoverished group to shake off poverty.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    Implementing ecological development programs. In 2016, Aohan Banner formulated and implemented the “one cut, three increases and two ameliorations” green development strategy. To be specific, one cut refers to cutting the proportion of degraded forests; by 2020, the area of degraded forests will be cut by 1 million mu. Three increases refers to increasing the area of fruit forests by 80000 mu, increasing the area of brook feather forests by 0.3 million mu, and increasing the area of Mongolian scotch pine forests by 0.42 million mu. Two ameliorations refer to to ameliorating 0.1 million mu of sea buckthorn forests and ameliorating 0.1 million mu of wild apricot forests. By implementing key ecological programs, enhancing ecological compensation, vigorously developing ecological industries and strengthening ecological conservation, we create more jobs, encourage impoverished people to get employed and broaden the channels to create wealth. In recent years, we vigorously developed the understory economy based on the core tasks of Aohan banner to fully leverage the forestry industrial value of the banner. On one hand, we planted sea buckthorn, wild apricot and shiny-leaved yellowhorn trees to help impoverished households increase income. On the other hand, we implemented breeding programs.


    After several decades of development, the banner have owned 5.8 million mu of forests, and raised the forest coverage rate to 44.45%. The ecological environment of the banner has improved markedly. On one hand, through integrated ecological programs, Aohan banner’s ecological environment improved significantly. On the other hand, through the afforestation programs on roads and highways and large-scale living environment improvement programs, the banner has provided a livable environment for the public. People’s well-being is improving. The implementation of the programs has facilitated local employment. Every year, over 1000 persons are directly employed in the forestry industry, and over 5000 persons participate in relevant ecological programs. People’s income has grown, and their living standard has bettered. Ecological development promotes the development of forestry. On one hand, ecological development boosts the fruit industry. On the other hand, rural tourism has grown.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Favorable factors: first, Aohan Banner has rich forestry resources. Decades of ecological development is the basis for ecological poverty reduction in Aohan Banner, and provides it with important forestry resources. Second, multiple parties have cooperated in development. Third, Aohan Banner has rich labor. Constraints: First, ecological development requires long-time maintenance.Second, the maintainers are not easy to employ. Third, the economic development of forestry is comparatively slow.

    Sustainability and replicability

    On one hand, the sustainability of ecological development is duple. The Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Aohan Banner, Chifeng Ecological Environment Bureau Aohan Branch and other departments are dedicated to ecological conservation and protection, providing sustainable guarantee for ecological development. Ecological development has provided a huge number of jobs for local people and impoverished population, and people’s participation in turn protects and promotes ecological development. On the other hand, ecological development is replicable. First, ecological development is an inalienable part of human social development. Ecological development can lay the foundation for people’s health, and meet people’s needs for a better life. Second, the ecological benefits are eternal. Maintaining a satisfactory ecological environment can help people to increase income and realize the development of enterprises and stakeholders.

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    01 January 2012 (start date)
    31 October 2020 (date of completion)
    People’s Government of Aohan Banner
    Other beneficiaries

    1. All residents of Aohan Banner; 2. People’s Government of Aohan Banner, County governments, Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Aohan Banner and Water Conservancy Bureau of Aohan Banner; 3. Impoverished households with employment needs and people with willingness to development forestry; 4. Forestry-related enterprises.

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