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    The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), Bangladesh consist of 3 districts and Bandarban Hill District is one them. Bandarban is one of the three hill districts considered to hold and practice varieties of culture, norms and traditions with the existence of 12 groups of Indigenous Peoples (IPs). Historically, the CHT has been politically unrest since after the independence of the country, which attempted to be resolved through CHT Peace Accord in 1997. Therefore, the Indigenous and vulnerable communities are still remaining under developed and vulnerability. Their main occupation and profession is slash and burning cultivation called jhum at locality which is yearly crops cultivation. This profession is not profitable at all due to climate change, other men made interruption and disasters and lack of necessary technical skills and instrumental capacity. And women and young girls are mostly affected from the worse situation like. Illiteracy, lack of land ownership, lack of awareness on rights, customs, culture, discrimination in rights and so on


    So, the objective of the organization for the marginalized communities is to support and strengthen them for their sustainable development, empowerment through ensuring rights and participation

    Contribution to SDG Implementation

    the interventions contribute in enabling them for building confidence, self realization, motivation, ownership and the way of survival with utilizing their own resources and its mobilization

    Implementation methodologies

    The programs implement upon their demand driven by ensuring their participation, supports and management following desinigng, organizing and ownership of communities


    The formed village development committee are functional and become as institution for their self sustainable development, the women are becoming tools for bringing a positive change by supporting thoughts, ideas and participation, the rights of Indigenous issues is becoming one of most importance for their existence that made by the program interventions

    Factors and Constraints

    The organization and human resources are from locally, they know the local contexts and situation. Therefore, it is easier to define the needs of local communities and other concern. The all beneficiaries are known to implementer as belong to the Indigenous groups. But the local political turmoil, recognition, supports and security are the big issues for the entire communities

    Sustainability and replicability

    The shared, exchanged and transferred knowledge, ideas, skills and experiences are the major contribution for sustainability. The groups of indigenous are in a way for fully building capacity and self reliants through their empowerment and ownership ensured

    COVID-19 Impact

    The covid 19 impacted negatively amongst communities mostly the employment, poverty, early marriage for adolescents due to lockdown and social taboos . But within the limitation it has been disseminated the messages on social awareness raising through information and social media

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    KOTHOWAIN (Vulnerable Peoples Development Organization)
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    01 November 2013 (start date)
    31 December 2023 (date of completion)
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