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    Through the way of "focus cooperation ", this practice takes Tong li Ancient Town, located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, as a pilot project to create a new green ecology for energy consumption in ancient towns. Specifically, this practice has achieved differentiated accurate communication and the promotion of a new model of electricity substitution. The pilot ancient town has achieved comprehensive economic, social, and environmental development. A series of problems such as energy supply, energy security, and environmental protection in the ancient town has been solved. The initiator of this practice is the State Grid Suzhou Wujiang Power Supply Company, hereinafter referred to as Wujiang Power Supply Company. To conclude, This practice has a positive guiding role in the sustainable development of energy and effectively promoted the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda in china. It is a successful attempt. Beneficiaries: Tongli Economic and Technological Development Zone (Tongli Town) Management Committee, Tongli Ancient Town Protection Committee, Wujiang Power Supply Company, electric kitchen manufacturers, small and micro businesses, Tongli ancient town residents.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    The implementation of this practice is divided into the following steps: Step 1 Identifying interest claims Through accurate communication with the government, kitchen utensils manufacturers, merchants, and other stakeholders, based on accurately capturing the expectations and concerns of different stakeholders, we discuss ways and means to jointly promote the transformation of Tongli's "whole electricity block ", and pursue the realization of a win-win situation for all parties. From the following three aspects: (1) rely on government policy and fund guarantee, realize project sustainable development In 2019, drawing lessons from the successful experience of the first phase of the project, the Tongli Ancient Town Protection Committee, in collaboration with the Wujiang Power Supply Company, conducted a survey to clarify the compensation object of "gas-to-electricity ", formulated a targeted" gas-to-electricity "compensation scheme, and introduced the" gas-to-electricity "construction plan for the catering industry in Tongli Town. The plan defined the construction content and subsidy model, promoted the second phase of the whole electric block project in three stages, and planned to complete the transformation of 326 users in the whole ancient town by the middle of 2021. (2) rely on the power supply and service guarantee of Wujiang Power Supply Company to realize the reliable implementation of the project Wujiang Power Supply Company took the initiative to carry out the upgrading and transformation of power equipment, and increased the total distribution transformer of Tongli ancient town to 8 units and 19 units, with an average household capacity of 6.3 kilowatts. In addition, Wujiang Power Supply Company has also reformed the access cables of all small and micro-merchants and residents. All small users, such as residents and small workshops, have been replaced with 4*16 square millimeter cables, and all large users, such as restaurants and hotels, have been replaced with 4*35 square millimeter cables to ensure adequate and reliable power supply in ancient towns. (3) rely on the marketing and technical advantages of electric kitchen manufacturers to realize the construction of the project Electric kitchen manufacturers provide inexpensive products and innovative advanced technology is an important guarantee for the effective implementation of the project. Wujiang Power Supply Company signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with electric kitchen utensils manufacturers. Electric kitchenware manufacturers cooperate with the project implementation plan, provide kitchenware equipment at the most favorable price, and provide small and micro businesses and residents with a "one household, one policy" renovation plan, and carry out renovation and construction according to their business and work schedules. Step 2 Pilot demonstration of a live scene Wujiang Power Supply Company conducts pilot data analysis by selecting small and micro-merchants that have undergone an all-electric transformation, separately measuring the kitchen after the transformation, and comparing the daily electricity consumption and traditional energy consumption before and after the transformation. This method demonstrates the huge economic advantages of the construction of the "all-electric block", and the results of the first phase of the reconstruction of the "all-electric block" are shared through real-life experience to win the support of more small and micro businesses and residents. In addition, Wujiang Power Supply Company understands the differentiated needs and energy consumption habits of various energy users, actively refines service measures and develops customized designs. Step 3 Implement humanized transformation services In order to increase the enthusiasm of small and micro businesses and residents for renovation, Wujiang Power Supply Company actively optimizes service processes, innovates service measures, expands service scope, and comprehensively improves project quality. It is divided into the following four steps: (1) Establish a dedicated service mechanism Equipped with dedicated account managers for small and micro businesses and residents participating in the second phase of the "All-electric Block" renovation, and implemented a two-way interactive service model of "walking in and out", which effectively connects all aspects of applying for participation in the all-electric block renovation project. Shorten customer business processing time. (2) Implementation of the "Zero Project" action In order not to hinder the normal operation of the merchants during the day, the construction time should be reasonably arranged (that is, the construction team will work from 22:00 to 1 am after the hotel is closed) to shorten the power outage time during the daytime power consumption period. The emergency repair personnel are on duty 24 hours a day and try their best to ensure the normal use of electricity for every user. (3) Establish a return visit tracking system Follow-up visits to completed engineering projects to understand the solution of user problems, and then feedback the results of the comments to the users through phone messages, second visits, and other forms. (4) Expansion of payment channels in ancient towns To facilitate the timely payment of electricity bills by small and micro-merchants and residents, the company coordinated the Tongli Ancient Town Protection Committee to set up a 24-hour convenient self-service payment terminal in the core area of ​​the ancient town to provide users with "services at the doorstep".


    (1) Effective enhancement of tourism reception capacity in Tongli In 2017 Tongli ancient town received 7.3 million visitors, tourism capacity reached the limit. After the completion of the whole electric block, it injected clean kinetic energy into the experience tourism of Tongli and promoted the circular and healthy development of the tourism industry in the ancient town. The number of visitors exceeded 7.38 million in 2018 and 7.8 million in 2019, an increase of 5.8 percent over the same period last year. (2) Significant reduction in operating costs for small and micro businesses The whole electric block project has completed the whole electric kitchen transformation 379 households. According to statistics, the average energy consumption cost of households using coal and oil before the transformation is about 18000 yuan per year, and the average household cost of using electricity after the transformation is about 9000 yuan per year, and the cost of energy use is as high as 50 yuan. (3) Mass promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection products By cooperating with the construction of the whole electric block, the electric kitchen appliance manufacturer's energy saving and environmental protection electric energy kitchen utensils have been greatly promoted. At present, the second phase project has determined the cooperation intention with more than 300 small and micro-merchants in Tongli ancient town and Nanpu E district. Estimated sales of more than 6 million yuan. (4) The fire safety risk of ancient towns has decreased significantly According to fire department site survey data,2017 Tongli ancient town fire safety risk a total of 626. After the completion of the whole electric block, the risk point of fire safety hidden danger caused by an open fire in Tongli ancient town decreased 34.98. (5) Expand the brand influence of the "whole electricity block" brand Up to now, more than 40 news articles have been published in the mainstream media such as People's Daily, China Energy News, Xinhua Daily, and State Grid News, with a total of more than 1450 visitors

    Enabling factors and constraints

    The construction project of “all-electric block” needs to form an integrated cooperation mechanism on the basis of fully identifying the demands and the resource advantages of stakeholders, relying on policies and financial guarantees of government, power supply and service guarantees of Wujiang Power Supply Company, marketing and technical advantages of electric kitchen manufacturers promote the smooth implementation of the project. During the implementation process, Wujiang Power Supply Company learned that merchants had doubts through on-site visits, research, and other methods, including the rise and fall of energy costs after the project renovation and the impact of merchant business during the renovation. This was a difficult problem for the implementation team. In order to solve this problem, the implementation team carried out separate metering for small and micro businesses that had undergone an all-electric transformation and used the data to visually demonstrate the economic advantages of the transformation. At the same time, merchants are invited to visit and experience the changes brought about by the all-electric transformation. Up to now, Wujiang Power Supply Company has implemented a series of renovation projects such as all-electric campuses and all-electric merchants in Wujiang District, which have achieved good social responsibility and have been generally recognized by the public. In the next stage, we will comprehensively promote the model of communication, cooperation, and shared value, and strive to explore the creation of urban energy Internet, build new forms of energy services, and make greater contributions to building an internationally leading energy Internet enterprise with Chinese characteristics.

    Sustainability and replicability

    1 Sustainability (1) The government's policies and financial support ensure that the project has policy guarantees and sufficient funds to continue its development. (2) The project brings tangible economic benefits to stakeholders and can drive more stakeholders to continuously participate in the project. (3) In terms of the environment, the use of low-carbon clean electric energy ensures the sustainable supply of energy. At the same time, reduce environmental damage and ensure the sustainable economic development of ancient towns while reducing the environmental pollution. 2. Reproducibility (1) Reproducibility of the cooperation method. Focused cooperation, identifying the needs and problems of various stakeholders, coordinating the resources of all parties, and reaching an effective unified and solid cooperative relationship. Such precise communication is suitable for the sustainable development of various places. (2) Reproducibility of "all-electric blocks". With the progress of society, the weakness of old energy in daily life and commercial activities has gradually manifested. Electric energy, as a safe, efficient, clean, and low-carbon energy source, should dominate the energy market and be widely implemented in various places. In general, energy reform is a socialized system engineering. The project uses the concepts and methods of social responsibility management to drive and influence all parties in the society, jointly promote electric energy substitution and participate in energy reform, and provide practical samples for the creative implementation of the "2030 Agenda" and the 17 SGDs. Has important promotion value.

    COVID-19 Impact

    The first phase of the all-electric block renovation project was completed at the end of 2018, and the second phase of the project was completed at the end of 2020.Wujiang District, located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is a low-risk area during COVID-19. So, COVID-19 has no impact on the implementation of the project.

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    01 April 2018 (start date)
    01 March 2021 (date of completion)
    State Grid Suzhou Wujiang Power Supply Company
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    Tongli Economic and Technological Development Zone (Tongli Town) Management Committee, Tongli Ancient Town Protection Committee, Wujiang Power Supply Company, electric kitchen manufacturers, small and micro businesses, Tongli ancient town residents.

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