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Scholarship for Afghanistan

Danishgostar Educational Consultancy (
Private sector

    Scholarship for Afghanistan has started its activity in 2014 to help people in Afghanistan specially youth in high school, university students, graduates, and professional works access to quality education and job opportunities.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    We started the work voluntarily by posting opportunities on social media and instructed thousands of students through replying to their questions and helping them in applying to opportunities. Then based on the severe necessity of in-person help, we started to have a physical address. Having no financial supporter, we just worked voluntarily day and night to bring a positive change to the life of the people through education. We have partnered and collaborated with different youth organizations to organize several social and educational events. We have volunteers who offer precise and key information about scholarships and global opportunities based on their experience who have already availed the opportunity. Currently, we have two offices with two websites, social media channels and youth followers.


    Since 2014, we have helped thousands of youth access quality education and decent jobs. We have offered 750 scholarships for students to study English as an enabling medium to prepare for higher education abroad or work on their personal and professional development. We have partnered with over 70 organizations to promote social development and awareness about SDGs that integrally impacted over 20K people. We have provided FREE educational consultancy services to over 3000 people. 5K-10K people use our website daily and we have about 500K people following us on social media and using our services. Partnering with Aliso we provided 20K FREE Online courses with certificates for youth to boost up their personal and professional skills during lockdown that will help them find a better career and educational opportunities and leading to economic growth and well-being. Having a good study and career opportunity reduces the youth's illegal migration and encourage them to fulfill their social responsibility by working and contributing to the social development of Afghanistan.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Our dedicated team of people who are so passionate about working for youth to help them get opportunities so that they can contribute to the development of society. The use of technology, Facebook, social media, website, email as a tool to help people in achieving SDGs and changing the stereotype e of using social as time wasting platform to the opportunity discovery platform for youth was our innovation. We were the first and only group of the people who started this work, having done more activities for youth. We organized seminars, life sessions on facebook and created partnerships with other organizations. Constraints: Lack of financial support, technical team, business education

    Sustainability and replicability

    - Currently all the elements are in place and it is getting financially sustainable. We have a plan to expand and replicate in other 4 major cities of Afghanistan next year.

    COVID-19 Impact

    COVID-19 affected our services by about 30% decrease in online activity and full stop for 5month in in-person activities. We worked hard to publish correct information about pandemic and how to mitigate. We collected personal and professional development courses and partnered with Alison to offer 20000 FREE online courses for youth to use their time effectively during the lockdown.

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    15 February 2014 (start date)
    31 December 2025 (date of completion)
    Danish Gostar Educational Consultancy
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    Other beneficiaries

    Beneficiaries: - High school student and graduates - University students and graduates - Professional works - Job seekers Stakeholders: Companies, Organizations, and educational institutions Parnters: educational institutions and youth organziations

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    Asadullah, Co-founder