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Metrica6: how to create innovative eco-efficient solutions

Metrica6 (
Private sector

    Metrica6’s practice cannot be simplified to just one “project” or “action”, but to the whole extent of the company’s philosophy for creating a better and more sustainable tomorrow. Consequently, the company is known for the development of many eco-efficient and smart solutions, like “WAISENSE”: a multi-sectorial solution for water-related problems developed in 2018 as a result of previous technologies created by Metrica6. WAISENSE is a cyberphysical solution for water efficiency that combine modules to be adapted for all kind of applications. The application of this technology aims to reduce water scarcity helping cities and communities with efficient and sustainable use of the water.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    WAISENSE was born in 2018 in Spain for the efficient use of hot water in domestic or commercial installations. In 2020, we started the expansion of this internationally patented technology adding roadmaps for new functionalities like smart irrigation and leak detection warning and cut. We also created an online platform and mobile app in 2021 to control the IoT devices and monitor water/energy consumption and savings. Nowadays, despite the COVID-19 situation, WAISENSE technology keeps growing and reaching new frontiers being implemented in multiple European projects with different approaches each. Throughout this process, a multidisciplinary team of 13 people from different disciplines (engineering, marketing, finance) has intervened with the collaboration of partners and stakeholders, both public and private, who have trusted WAISENSE with funding above 1M€ euros to the project so far, in its different stages and goals. For the coming years, 2021-2023, we will be integrating these and other functionalities into WAISENSE list of skills, upgrading this way its multisectorial and cross-borders applicability and affordability. The digital tools also allow for communication and gamification, as a way of enhancing the engagement with users and other stakeholders in incorporating more sustainable practices in their daily lives and their professional activities. What’s more, the know-how Metrica6 continues to gather from WAISENSE experience has led the company to offer new solutions for the environment, for consumers and industries in a more circular way, like our air quality monitoring devices or a platform for offering/buying reconditioned products. For all of them, unfortunately, there is still much to improve in the way this projects are publicly or privately funded.


    Since WAISENSE's market launch, over 8 million litres of water have been saved, just in Spain. In each home where it is installed, up to 25 litres are saved every time hot water is used, which represents annual savings between 27% to 56% in consumption in an average home. The increase in water efficiency is consequently accompanied by a lower need for energy consumption, thus reducing the impact on the carbon footprint. At the same time, the green areas where WAISENSE is installed manage to reduce water consumption by 30-80% compared to traditional irrigation systems thanks to the remote control of the system. Moreover, air quality monitoring systems are helping to reduce de pollution and other emissions in cities like Granada (Spain). However, the impact is cross-borders. We are currently working in this technology expansion and in other sustainable projects with partners from Italy, Turkey, France, Mexico, Chile, Canada or Portugal, among others, were the impact is replicable.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Counting on the enthusiasm of a highly trained young team committed to the environment has been the key point for the development of WAISENSE and other eco-efficient solutions. Metrica6's ability to adapt to different sectors and situations has allowed the impact of its technological portfolio to grow. In order to achieve that, the company has overcome many obstacles, mainly related to the difficult access to funding when the impact is more than economical. Forming a committed team has never been an easy task too. But considering all of the adversities, our determination was even stronger.

    Sustainability and replicability

    The practice itself is not based solely on the development and commercialization of WAISENSE or other technological solutions, even though its impact can be replicated through collaboration worldwide (SDG 17). What can be more easily replicated is the will of making a change even against all odds and adversities. We created Metrica6 in a post-world-crisis scenario with the aim of generating sustainable value and, with effort and perseverance, we managed to make it happen, generating benefits as a company and value as world inhabitants. Regarding WAISENSE technology specifically, it offers a wide range of functionalities in a single system that can be adapted for application in all types of regions, sectors and consumers. Another of WAISENSE's commitments for the coming years is to work on reducing its manufacturing resources in order to make the technology more circular, accessible and affordable.

    COVID-19 Impact

    With the arrival of COVID-19, the internationalization plans for WAISENSE technology have been significantly undermined. There were open projects for the application of intelligent irrigation systems in Mexico and in countries of the European Union that had to stop immediately. However, in the meantime, we focused on internal developments instead, creating new functionalities for WAISENSE (for an instance, leak detection) and other devices to support people and businesses, like our smart hydroalcoholic gel dispenser called “ANGEL”, with high capacity, refillable and customizable. In summary, we took the bright side of this opportunity to continue improving our portfolio, increasing its added value to resume our internationalization in an enhanced way afterwards.

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    22 April 2018 (start date)
    31 December 2023 (date of completion)
    Other beneficiaries

    The user/manager of WAISENSE or any other of our solutions will get most of its benefits: resources and economic savings, safer installations, a better quality of life and/or service, etc. However, WE ARE ALL BENEFICIARIES when one of our systems is installed. For example, regarding WAISENSE, less water wasted means more water for everyone. This has led us to many stakeholders and partnerships with companies, cities and organizations like UNWTO.

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