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UN 2023 Water Conference 22 — 24 Mar 2023, New York

Informal Special Event: Radical Collaboration for Water Resilience: Action with our greatest Allies in the Climate Crisis

Wed 22 Mar 2023, 3.00 pm
Conference Room 2, UNHQ in New York CEO Water Mandate / United Nations Global Compact, WWF International, Indigenous Peoples’ Major Group (IPMG),World Farmers’ Organization (WFO),Wetlands International (WI), International Women’s MG (IWMG)




The Radical Collaboration for Water Resilience event will showcase how new collaboration models can unlock and achieve basin resiliency to the benefit of communities, ecosystems, and economies. It will inspire change by looking at the journey of water, from its physical source to its diverse values to people.  It will explore the enabling conditions that help drive real new models of collaboration that puts a focus on integrating voices from across the spectrum from farmers to indigenous people, frontline communities, and women in key processes that improve basin outcomes. It will showcase and dive into the key elements of collaborations at the basin scale that are having real impact.  Throughout the 3 hours, the principles of INSPIRE, COLLABORATE, AND ENABLE, will be woven through interactions with all participants.  

This session will explore how we need to rethink collaboration with our greatest allies in the Climate Crisis, if we’re going to achieve water resilience for all.  We need to prioritize working with Nature, as water doesn’t come from a tap!  We have undermined the foundation of our water resources for too long - it’s time to restore, regenerate and revalue the ecosystems that provide us with water.   Action is needed on the ground, and local communities and indigenous peoples hold the key to making that a reality.  Indigenous knowledge has been left out of key conversations.  We want to reinvigorate and recognise allies across all sectors to come together, from companies, to communities, to governments to drive the changes and be joint stewards for the world we want.  

The session will end with concrete commitments to action from key stakeholder groups as contributions to the Water Action Agenda, forging a way forward for real activities and actions to occur.