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Madam Chair,
Jamaica thanks the panelists for their very informative presentations. We align
ourselves with the statements delivered by the Solomon Islands on behalf of AOSIS and
Tanzania on behalf of the G77.
Madam Chair,
Implementation of the Strategic Approach on International Chemicals Management
(SAICM) and the main chemicals Multilateral Environmental Agreements will assist the
global community in the achievement of the JPOI 2020 target. Although much work has
been done to date, further efforts are needed to close the capacity gap between developed
and developing countries as well as among developing countries including small island
developing states (SIDS) and LDCs.
Madam Chair,
The inherent characteristics of SIDS, that is, small physical size, and limited
technical and financial resources and infrastructure make the management of chemicals a
particular challenge for our countries. We take this opportunity to remind the international
community of its commitment to provide the necessary support to SIDS in the management
of chemicals throughout their lifecycle, including in risk assessment and reduction.
In this regard, we note the support given to date to developing countries including
SIDS, in the financing of ?initial enabling activities? in support of the achievement of the
JPOI 2020target through the Quick Start Programme of SAICM. Importantly, we note the
successes achieved by SIDS in the phase-out of ozone depleting substances under the
Montreal Protocol which is due in large part to the effectiveness of its Multilateral Fund.
Madam Chair,
My delegation takes the opportunity to commend the ICCM for the work it has done
to date in providing a forum for highlighting emerging policy issues, including the issue of
hazardous substances within the lifecycle of electrical and electronic products. The wastes
from these products have posed a significant challenge to SIDS such as Jamaica. We
therefore call upon the relevant actors to fulfill the commitments made at ICCM2 to host a
workshop as soon as possible to further address this issue. We call on all the relevant
stakeholders including industries to continue to promote product stewardship, green
technologies and green chemistry in the manufacture of e-products.
Thank you Madam Chair.