United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Statement by Dr. Liu Yuyin, the Chinese Delegate at the intergovernmental
preparatory meeting for CSD 17 on SIDs
Feb. 23, 2009 New York
Madam Chairman,
The Chinese delegation associates itself with the statement made by
the Sudan on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.
Sustainable development is a challenge facing the whole international
community and the development of small island developing states is an
indispensable part of the global sustainable development.
The current ever widening financial and economic crises,
deterioration of the ecological environment, extreme weather and frequent
natural disasters are posing unprecedented challenges to the development of
all states. Because of their size, limited land and narrow natural resources
bases, and the fragility and interdependence of their terrestrial and coastal
ecosystems, and the relatively low level of economic development, the small
island developing states find themselves in particularly dire straits -- a
situation to which they are unable to come up with a fundamental solution
by themselves without the help and attention of the international community.
For countries in special situations, there should be special support
policies targeted to their needs. In order to address the question of
agricultural and rural development of the SIDs, it is necessary to implement
effectively, on the basis of these countries? specific conditions, such
important documents as the Barbados Programme of Action for the
Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, the Mauritius
Strategy for the further Implementation of the Programme of Action for the
Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States and the
Mauritius Declaration. The needs of the SIDs are multi-faceted, of which the
most important is the need to enable these countries to maintain a certain
agricultural foundation so that they are better able to withstand external
First, the priority concerns of the SIDs should be addressed. The
report of the Secretary General points out that the SIDs are faced with
various obstacles and challenges in effective land management, rural
economic development and recovery of the agricultural sector. The
international community should, taking into account the specific needs of the
SIDs, help them overcome difficulties in the areas of land and marine
ecological system protection, land degradation and climate change, increase
investment in the rural economy and agricultural sector of the SIDs, support
them in their efforts to formulate and implement appropriate adaptation
measures so as to help them cope with the challenges caused by serious
natural disasters.
Second, the importance of trade to the recovery of economic vitality
and realization of sustainable development of the SIDs should be fully
recognized. With the financial crisis deepening continuously, all parties
should work together to prevent the surge of protectionism and minimize the
negative impact of the decrease in trade, thus taking practical actions to
create favorable conditions for the development of the SIDs.
Third, we should help the SIDs in the comprehensive implementation
of their strategies for sustainable development. The international community
should increase input in the areas of technological transfer and personnel
training to enhance the capacity of the SIDs to respond to traditional and
new challenges, and help the SIDs formulate and implement integrated
strategies which correspond to their specific development needs with a view
to promoting the comprehensive and sustainable development of these
Madam Chairman,
As a developing country itself, China fully empathizes with the SIDs
in terms of the difficulties they encounter in striving for sustainable
development. Over the years, the Chinese government has steadily deepened
and expanded cooperation with the SIDs and provided assistance to them
within the limits of our capabilities. We are willing to further strengthen
international cooperation, move forward together with the SIDs and other
countries in our common endeavor to promote global sustainable
Thank you, Madam Chairman.