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Statement on: Wastes
Mr. Chairman,
Brazil aligns itself with the statement of the G-77 and China. In order to better
inform about Brazil`s experience in the matter of recycling and waste
management, I would like to call your attention to the followings points.
Management of waste and recycling is still a big challenge in Brazil, besides the
recent progress achieved. To assure this progress, at the end of last year our
Congress approved the National Policy for Solid Waste Management. This
Policy, whichwas in discussion at the Congress for a long time,takes into
consideration, among other important social aspects, the necessity of the
economic and formally inclusion of organized communities in the process of
recycling.The Policy establishes also the share responsibility; reverse logistical
and incentives to the adoption of sustainable standards of goods and services
I take this opportunity also to call your attention about the information put into the
Box 2, page 7, of the document of ?Policy Options and Actions??
(E/CN.17/2011/6). Brazil fell honored with the mention of this example of the
recycle chain of aluminum. Otherwise, I have to inform you that the percentage
nowadays is about 95% - not 80, as mentioned there, and, more important, the
high level of aluminum recycling is not based on economic incentives. It is based
on a voluntary initiative and its success is linked to the economic value of this
specific waste, and the opportunity gave by the private market to receive and
transform it.
Regarding this discussion about the options and actions on waste management,
Brazil would like to reaffirm that the capacity building in terms of waste
management do not have to be basedon the objective of transferring wastes to
be treated in developing countries. As established in Basel Convention, the
waste trans boundary movement should only be considered in exceptional
situations, when it cannot be processed at the country that it has been produced.
Regarding this, we reaffirm the G-77 and China statement about the necessity of
the urgent implementation of relevant international agreements/conventions on
waste management ? particularly the amendment of liability and compensation
for damages under de the Basel Convention.
Thank You