United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


1 March 2011
Statement on: Chemicals
Brazil aligns itself with the statement of the G-77 and China. In support of that statement,
Brazil would like to highlight the following points.
Challenges remain for implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm
Conventions. Taking into consideration the specific mandates of each of these three
conventions, we should promote common solutions for implementation. We should
continue to promote greater coordination and cooperation between those three
instruments, as discussed in the Bali ExCOPs in Feb 2010. An important element is the
establishment of regional networks for capacity-building and technical assistance,
operating out of regional centers of those conventions as well as regional offices of
In supporting countries to manage chemicals, additional burdens should not be put on
developing countries. Financing is a critical element. Developing countries need
predictable, stable and new financial resources. The lack of fulfillment of financing
commitments by developed countries as a whole is a serious impediment. The low level
of resources at the disposal of the Quick Start Program of SAICM is a reflex of this
Thank you.