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Chemicals and Waste Management for Sustainable Development

Publication Year: 2015 Publisher: UNDP


Many have often considered the earth an inexhaustible source of food, water and natural resources, while they mindlessly continue to pollute its atmosphere, waters and soil. However – as a wise person once said – we humans cannot live without the earth’s resources, while the earth can get along quite nicely without us. Helping rid the world of hazardous chemicals is therefore a key step to helping maintain earth’s atmosphere and its ecosystems.

All projects implemented by UNDP in POPs and covered in this report are funded by the GEF under its Strategic Plan for Chemicals and Waste. We also have a few activities in chemicals mainstreaming funded by SAICM QSP and some bilateral programmes. All reflect the objectives of the Stockholm Convention and its Secretariat. UNDP supports 84 countries implement POPs-related projects amounting to US$156 million in GEF grants and US$392 million in co-financing.