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    The UN agenda for sustainable development defines the building of inclusive, safe, risk resilient and sustainable cities and human settlements. By 2030, ensure access to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services for all. Provide safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transportation systems for all. We should strengthen inclusive and sustainable urban construction, and strengthen participatory, comprehensive and sustainable human settlements planning and management capacity. We will significantly reduce the number of deaths and victims caused by various disasters, including floods, and focus on protecting the poor and vulnerable groups. Reducing the per capita negative environmental impact of cities, including paying special attention to air quality and urban waste management. Provide safe, inclusive, barrier free and green public space for all people, especially women, children, the elderly and the disabled. Support the establishment of positive economic, social and environmental linkages between urban, suburban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning. Significantly increase the number of cities and human settlements that adopt and implement comprehensive policies and plans to build disaster resilient cities and human settlements that are inclusive, resource efficient, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and build sustainable and disaster resilient buildings. This project is planned to be the first sustainable development Industrial Innovation theme park in China with the goal of UN 2030 sustainable development agenda, focusing on the development of four industrial directions of intelligent equipment manufacturing, information technology, civil military integration and life and health, breaking through the core links of the industrial chain such as scientific and technological research and development, testing and testing, technical standards and high-end manufacturing, and striving to build an industrial park that gathers innovative resources, cultivates emerging industries, improves the quality of life and health Promote the development of civil military integration, promote the construction of industrial city integration of sustainable development and innovative demonstration Industrial Park.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    1.WeSDGs workshop: gathering future industry resources, participate in activities and competitions of sustainable social forces at domestic and abroad, and serve sustainable innovation resources at the same time. Specifically, it includes: list of problems in the field of urban sustainable development, round-table storm, scene application, entrepreneurship roadshow, maker challenge, Pioneer Award for sustainable development, and regional sustainable collaborative innovation. 2. WeSDGs Technology Factory: to achieve the introduction of advanced technologies in the future oriented sustainable fields such as environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology and smart city, assist the industry to form a new sustainable product supply chain and market, and promote local enterprises to go out and participate in technology trading and cooperation. It includes: patent application of sustainable technology, transformation of sustainable scientific and technological achievements and green technology transaction. 3. WeSDGs venture capital: focus on sustainable technology incubation, help industry to form the investment channels for projects and technologies in green and sustainable finance; to attract financial institutions and private capital to participate in project investment in sustainable development; focus on family management office to promote private capital to participate in sustainable development projects. Including: green finance, sustainable Finance and industrial fund Seed fund, etc. 4. WeSDGs Academy: relying on open courses, online courses, custom programs, etc. to carry out customized sustainable development education and training. It includes: sustainable development technology resource development plan, expert resource development plan, talent training plan, project study tour plan, third party evaluation, recommendation plan, and joint laboratory plan, etc.


    As the first park with the theme of sustainable development goals in China, the Institute will implement 169 projects in accordance with the 17 goals set by the UN sustainable development agenda Sub objective framework, combined with the evaluation index system of sustainable development set up by Shenzhen and the achievements and development bottlenecks of Yuanshan street in resources and environment, social governance, education and medical treatment, to build a sustainable development technology innovation demonstration park as a whole. Secondly, relying on the park to establish the ability to introduce and transform sustainable technological achievements, actively introduce advanced technologies at home and abroad in the fields of life and health, green technology, modern social governance, big data, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and then radiate to the whole street and even the whole region, forming a new urban renewal mode of "industry city integration and sustainable development". The third is to provide standard guidance and technical support in the field of sustainable development for enterprises and technical teams in the park, and provide guarantee for enterprises in the park to realize sustainable development. Fourth, relying on the park to build an international joint research platform, actively introduce the latest sustainable development concepts and technologies of UN and other international institutions, and promoting the implementation of academician workstation and academician collaborative innovation center. Fifthly, based on WeSDGs Industrial Innovation Park, the sustainable development park standards are formulated and exported to all streets, the whole city and even the whole country.

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    Sustainability and replicability

    WeSDGs Industrial Innovation Park is the first one in China to promote technological innovation in the field of sustainable development based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ typical projects and technological achievements in the field of sustainable development. WeSDGs is aiming to solve the bottleneck and weakness in the field of urban sustainable development, taking regional science and technology collaborative innovation as the major focus, attracting global innovation resources in the field of sustainable development, building a regional collaborative innovation network for sustainable development from the list of problems, based on Shenzhen to tell a good Chinese story.

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    07 September 2020 (start date)
    23 December 2021 (date of completion)
    Longgang Scientific Innovation Institute of Sustainable Development
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    The construction of WeSDGs Industrial Innovation Park including three types of resources: one is the think tank resources that support the model design and standard designation of the demonstration district, the other is the green technology and project resources that support the green development and sustainable development of WeSDGs Industrial Innovation Park, and the other is the financial resources that supporting the rapid implementation of the projects and industrial development. Focusing on the above three types of resources, the Research Institute team will introduce the industrial resources, project resources, expert resources and financial resources of international institutions such as the United Nations technology innovation laboratory, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the World Business Council for sustainable development (WBCSD), C40 city alliance, HSBC and Asian Development Bank, as well as the domestic green technology bank, China National think tank and academician resources such as China Architectural Design Institute, China Society for sustainable development, Tsinghua University and Peking University, to set up a sustainable development technology evaluation center with German Rhine company to provide international authoritative third-party evaluation and certification for the demonstration blocks. It cooperates with Shenzhen sustainable development recommendation project, Shenzhen green technology project, South University of science and technology, Shenzhen University and Hong Kong China University Through the docking of documents and so on, to absorb the technical resources and project resources in the key areas of sustainable development in the whole city, jointly support the sustainable construction and mode output of Yuanshan and Longgang sustainable development demonstration blocks, and promote the realization of the overall benchmarking SDG in Longgang.

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