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The Empowerment of the Children and Youth Council

Department of Children and Youth, Thailand (

    According to the Child and Youth Development Promotion. Act of Thailand, all children and youth should be encouraged to participate in children and youth development, to create and present their idea or talent. Therefore, the Children and Youth Council was established in all level (national, province, district, and sub-districts) to develop children and youth. The councils have significant roles in providing learning, leadership and voluntarism skills for children and youth in community. The Empowerment of the Children and Youth Council project grants financial support for the Children and Youth Council in 77 provinces to create and operate their own activities. The project proposal and financial support will be approved with consideration under the concept of children are leaders, we are supporters.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    At present, there are 8,778 Children and Youth Councils, consisting of sub-district / municipal (7,772 places), district level (878), provincial level (76), district level (50), Bangkok (1) and national level (1), with more than 150,000 children and youth administrators nationwide, who are representing and running the Children and Youth Council, gather the needs and proposals for youth development, operate activities that benefit the community and society. There is financial support for the activities that the Children and Youth Councils propose, and the activities could be related in one of the following areas; - Voluntary activity in the community - Campaign to prevent and resolve problems of children, youth and society - Leadership development - Vocational training activity - Traditional, art, or cultural activity - Nature and environment conservation - International or National Day event - Knowledge, or local wisdom activity - Meeting or conference related to the role of Children and Youth Council The total financial support is different in each fiscal year as well as the total number of activities. In addition, there are staffs, who are advisors, for the Children and Youth Council committee to propose and operate the activities in all 77 provinces. For the Children and Youth Council of Thailand, the Department of Children and Youth will be the advisor. While the Shelter for Children and Families will be the main supporters of the Child and Youth Council at the provincial level, district level, and sub-district level.


    The outcome of the Empowerment of the Children and Youth Council project: 1. Society recognized the role of children and youth through the activities that they created and operated. The communities also recognize the potential of children and youth in taking part in solving problems. 2. Children and youth learn democracy through creative activities. 3. Understand teamwork and get together to do activities. 4. Children and youth have discovered their potential and acknowledge themselves as one of the important roles in community and society.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    In 2021, six million USD was approved for activities, human resources, and public relations of all 8,778 Children and Youth Council in Thailand. However, the situation of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic affected the budget and activities, Children and Youth Council engage with more online activities during the lockdown policy. After that, the trend of activities are voluntary activities and campaign of protection of COVID-19 activities.

    Sustainability and replicability

    The project is implementing the national strategy and also reflecting the real need of children and youth in country. Therefore, the activities under the projects are creative and relevant to community problem. The participation of children and youth is the main idea of the project.

    COVID-19 Impact

    The Children and Youth Council creates “CYC Market Place”, a social online page. The members and those affected by COVID-19 can promote their local products on this social media. Thus, the Empowerment of the Children and Youth Council will focus both interactive activity and online activity to develop children and youth skills, and respond to their needs during the pandemic.

    This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
    01 October 2019 (start date)
    30 September 2021 (date of completion)
    Mrs. Supatcha Suttipol, Director - General
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    Other beneficiaries

    Children and youth are the priority target of the project. Besides, local communities and local organizations are beneficial from the activities that children and youth created. Private sector has the opportunities to corporate social responsibility by support children and youth activities. The significant impact is the problem that children and youth reflect that related to the plan and policy of the public sector.

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