United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Regional Consultation for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mon 07 Nov 2022, 6.00 am — Wed 09 Nov 2022, 6.00 pm
Lima, Peru




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Source: Global Sustainable Development Report 2019


The 2030 Agenda is rooted in the idea that we can make progress on a single SDG only by making progress on all, that social, environmental and economic development are inextricably linked.

The GSDR seeks to spotlight these links. The authors are interested in the points of intersection and interaction – implementation examples where different actors (governments, businesses, civil society, academics, engineers, communities, individuals) are working together with different levers to advance multiple SDGs. They are also aware that the window for change is closing so examples of scaling up, and accelerating transformations are of special interest.

At the regional consultation in Lima, the IGS is collecting examples of good practices in the areas of 

  • Strengthening human wellbeing and capabilities

  • Building sustainable food systems and healthy nutrition patterns

  • Securing the global environmental commons


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