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MSEA Strategic Plan 2020-2024 Stakeholders Virtual Validation Forum

Fri 30 Apr 2021, 1.30 pm




Through the project ‘Enhancing national capacities for unleashing full potentials of Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries (MSME project)’, DSDG/DESA has supported the Kenya MSEA in formulating its strategic plan 2020-2024. The plan is an overarching framework for MSEA to address effectively challenges facing the growth of the MSME sector in Kenya in the next five years. It will provide guiding principles to harmonize the development strategy of the MSME sector with those of the state and non-state actors, as well as direct the MSEA in planning and executing policy measures that will tackle challenges and opportunities emerged in prioritized areas related to MSME growth. The support of DESA/DSDG in formulating the strategic plan is well recognized and appreciated by high-level policymakers in Kenya, including the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development and the Director-General of the Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA).

Built on that and funded by the Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation (RPTC), a validation forum will be organized on Friday, 30 April, at 1.30-4.30pm East Africa Time (6.30-9.30am US Eastern Standard Time). The forum aims to facilitate stakeholder participation in the policymaking process in the MSME sector in Kenya. It will receive stakeholders committed to MSME growth, including MSEA Board Members, regional directors and staff, MSME entrepreneurs, development partners and researchers. The forum will be a strategic occasion to facilitate stakeholder dialogue and participation in the national policymaking process and to finalize the MSEA strategic plan.