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High-Level Dialogue on Energy: Stakeholders Online Briefing

Thu 17 Dec 2020, 8.00 am




The High-level Dialogue on Energy, to be held in September 2021, represents the first global gathering on energy under the auspices of the General Assembly since the UN Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy held in Nairobi in 1981. It presents a historic opportunity to provide transformational action in the first years of the SDG Decade of Action and support the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The engagement of stakeholders from a broad range of sectors, including non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions, the scientific community, local and regional governments, the private sector and philanthropic organizations will be critical for the successful outcomes of the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy. 

In this regard, a series of online briefings will be organized in the lead up to the event in order to share information with stakeholders about the High-Level Dialogue and its preparatory process, including opportunities for stakeholder participation and contribution. 

The first informative online briefings took place on 17 November 2020, 8AM – 9AM (EST/New York Time). This session included simultaneous interpretation into Spanish.

This event was convened by UN DESA in collaboration with UN Energy.

Please continue to check back to the dedicated website on the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy in 2021 here: https://www.un.org/en/conferences/energy2021




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