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New York, April 21, 2005
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Mr. Chairperson,
Distinguished Delegates,
My delegation aligns itself with the statement made by the distinguished
Representative of Luxemburg on behalf of the European Union. However, given
Turkey's geography, climatic conditions and the level of its socio-economic
development, I wish to make several additional points.
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Mr. Chairman,
Turkey regards water as the engine of sustainable development. Poverty and
hunger cannot be reduced without efficiently utilizing water resources. The
provision of safe drinking water and basic sanitation for all in accordance with the
agreed targets is a major challenge which requires action at a global level. Another
factor which necessitates action is the presence of over 260 trans-boundary rivers
on the globe with 40 per cent of the world population residing in their basins.
Investment se three fields will immen y contribute to economic
growth and s enable development. Protectio efficient manage water
resourc s another prerequisite for susta
e development.
Water shortage, drought, frequent floods and lack of sufficient energy
resources undermine the economic development of many developing countries.
African countries are generally trapped in poverty as they are not able to utilize
their water potential. Access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation could
not be achieved without storing water and that there is an urgent need for building
more water infrastructures to store water during the rainy seasons in order to use
throughout the year. It is obvious that developing countries have no choice but a
build dams, small or large depending on the size of their rivers to this end.
As regards the situation in Turkey, we have recently revised our water policy
taken into consideration Turkey's present and future water and energy needs, its
fast growing and rapidly urbanizing population, and the on-going EU accession
process. Priority has been given to utilize water resources in an efficient manner.
We focused on the protection of the quantity and the quality of the available
resources but more importantly on providing safe drinking water and water for
sanitation for urban and rural settlements.
Another priority of the Turkish Government has been to eliminate regional
disparities in terms of socio-economic development. The development of the least
developed regions in Turkey is critical to secure the overall prosperity of the
Turkish people by creating new jobs for a dynamic young population.
Against this backdrop, Turkey has developed one of the world's largest
sustainable development projects. The Southeast Anatolia Project (GAP) is based
on harnessing the water and land resources of southeast Turkey. GAP stands as an
example of a successful transition from simple water management to a modern and
efficient water management. In addition to providing safe drinking water, water for
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