United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Chairman
On behalf of Nigeria, I wish to align myself with the statement of the
Representative of Pakistan on behalf of the G-77 and China
Mr. Chairman
Energy is central to achieving the goals of sustainable development and the
MDGs. It is however evident that the world energy needs far more surpasses the
level of accessibility and affordability particularly in developing countries. To meet
the investment needs of developing countries to achieve their sustainable
development targets, require that international community must be inclusive in
addressing all sources of energy mix. What should be the main focus is ensuring
adequate and affordable access to energy that is environmentally friendly and
efficient and economically viable.
This will require substantial investments in renewable energy technologies
and advanced fuel technologies to address all energy component parts, including
carbon capture and storage. Also better use of energy and energy efficiency is still
limited because of lack of access to technology, capacity building, financial
resources as well as market related and institutional problems.
As fossil fuels will continue to dominate the world energy needs for decades
to come, what is needed is to make it cleaner and reduce its emission. In addition,
there is need to develop locally available energy resources for greater energy
diversification, including in the area of renewable energy, electricity especially in
hydro projects.
Nigeria will continue to work with interested partners to improve, strengthen
all energy mix and in the implementation of the global agenda on energy for present
and future generation of mankind. I thank you.