United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Farmers

CSD - SIDS Discussion ? February 28, 2011
Statement delivered on behalf of Farmer?s Major Group
By Robynne Anderson
I would like to focus attention on the great vulnerability of farmers,
fisherfolk and animal owners in the Small Island Developing States.
Building resilience to the challenges of changing climate and emergency
preparedness is essential. There should be support to establish and
strengthen existing disaster management capacities at all levels, including
information and early warning systems that allow effective management
of the risks associated with drought, desertification, land degradation and
the adverse impacts of climate change.
In this regard, we encourage CSD-19 to consider reiterating some of the
key elements of the CSD-17 outcomes including the need for information
sharing, weather monitoring, and risk reduction measures such as crop
Fostering techniques in sustainable SYSTEM management rather than
specific management projects is also important. For farmers, this includes
integrated crop and pest management and best practices in livestock
production that support an eco-system approach. In the case of SIDS, it is
particularly important to emphasize soil conservation and rehabilitation of
vegetation cover.
To further this, there should be support for developing countries in the
development, deployment and diffusion of technologies on mutually
agreed terms.
The farmers? major group remains concerned about the mechanisms to
improve the lives, livelihoods, and sustainable output of smallholder
farmers. The engagement of farmer organizations in the discussions on
sustainable development is essential.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.