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Statement by Amb. Amiram Magid - Israel

Thank you, Mr./Madam Co-Chair.
Israel wholeheartedly agrees with Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who called upon us to bring more attention to the problems that Small Island Developing States face. We look forward to the upcoming SIDS Conference in Samoa. Israel views the Conference as an opportunity for all of us to step up our resolve to implement existing commitments, starting with the Barbados Programme of Action, as well as to find new ways to facilitate the sustainable development of the SIDS.
Small Island Developing States are faced with a unique set of challenges, as well as similar obstacles in tackling them. The international community must and can do more to help.
Climate change, environmental degradation, natural disasters, energy dependency and water scarcity have a disproportionate effect on the SIDS and pose formidable impediments to their development. Non-Communicable Diseases and challenges to citizen security are also significant obstacles to realizing the SIDS' potential.

Israel remains committed to helping our SIDS partners on their path towards sustainable development in the areas of greatest concern to them. Through MASHAV, Israel’s International Development Cooperation Agency, we continue to work extensively to provide training in fields like entrepreneurship, public health, water technologies, citizen security and agriculture.
We hope that the upcoming Conference will help us forge new partnerships and find new ways in which we can cooperate towards the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States.
We look forward to the full participation of civil society in the Conference – in a spirit of openness and collaboration.
Distinguished Co-Chair,
Let me take this opportunity to extend to all participants our best wishes for the successful completion of the Preparatory Committee's work. We look forward to working together.
Thank you, Mr./Madam Co-Chair .