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Releasing children’s potential and minimizing risks

Publication Year: 2016 Publisher: Office of the SRSG on Violence against Children


ICTs, the Internet and Violence against Children

A Click Away (Todo a 1 Clic)

1. When we use technologies we are a click away from producing positive situations and avoid-ing bad ones.
2. We recognize that we all have rights and re-sponsibilities when we interact.
3. We request States and the private sector to promote the use of the Internet for all adoles-cents.
4. The way in which we connect using technolo-gies is a personal choice, and we undertake to do this without causing harm to others.

The Todo a 1 Clic manifesto was developed by more than 1,000 teenagers from seven Latin American countries during national forums and a regional online awareness-raising campaign. During the first phase of this project, in May 2014, young people set out the four points listed above.

The Todo a 1 Clic initiative has been developed by RedNATIC, coordinated by Asociación Chicos. net (Argentina) and Fundación Paniamor (Costa Rica), with the support of Google and Save the Children.