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Profile booklet - Key Partners of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development

Publication Year: 2016 Publisher: UNESCO


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This booklet contains profiles of the current 87 members (also called Key Partners) of the GAP Partner Networks. Each Key Partner is listed in alphabetical order within one of the five Partner Networks. Each profile presents the main objective of their work, their GAP launch commitment and specific activities that contribute to the GAP, as well as related website links and contact information for the organization’s focal point.

Key Partners are chosen from all regions of the world for their extensive outreach capacity and their ability to innovate and have major impact on ESD. Key Partners are expected to create synergies and joint activities among themselves, as well as to reach out to a wider group of stakeholders beyond the Partner Networks. This booklet will facilitate and intensify synergies between the GAP activities of the Key Partners, and catalyze further action from other ESD stakeholders. It complements the GAP Information folder ( http://en.unesco.org/sites/default/files/gap_folder_online.pdf) by offering additional details on each GAP Key Partner.