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Natural Resources Forum, Special section on oceans

Publication Year: 2014 Publisher: National Resources Forum

Oceans and Seas

Related Goals


This special section on oceans and seas of Natural Resources Forum provides valuable background information for the ongoing oceans-related processes and discussions. It contains two papers which are devoted to the analysis of the multitude of ecosystem services provided by oceans and their benefits for local communities. In addition, the authors enumerate possible stressors threatening these services as well as possible activities that can be undertaken to deal with these challenges while also strengthening the understanding and management of marine and coastal ecosystems. The third paper deals with the particular challenges faced by remote, poor, coastal and island communities and elaborates on an innovative approach of using environmentally friendly, non-fuel vessels which could possibly be used to solve difficulties encountered through conventional shipping methods.

The three papers presented in this special section are aimed at highlighting the crucial importance of oceans and seas and their resources for local communities around the world and the increasing and complex challenges they face, while attempting to offer solutions. They will hopefully facilitate information exchange as well as encourage activities that further the sustainable use and conservation of oceans and seas for the benefit of current and future generations.