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Environments of the Poor in the context of Climate Change and the Green Economy

Publication Year: 2011 Publisher: Government of Nepal


This report explores the environmental issues experienced by the poor in Nepal, and identifies links to resource constraints faced in their everyday lives. With this consideration, the government held a national workshop with experts and academics to discuss specific research and policy in the context of climate change and the green economy. In particular, they aimed to identify what is needed to protect natural resources whilst improving the livelihood of the rural poor.

Following the workshop, a series of papers exploring different areas of the green economy were presented on the following topics: “Integrating Environment, Poverty and Green Economy into National Planning Process", “Climate Screening, Adaption Actions, Financing and Policies: Essentials for Improving the Livelihoods of the Poor”, “Upland Poverty: Examining Causes, Identifying Solutions”, “Economic Analysis of Local Government Investments in Rural Roads: Reducing Poverty through Managing Climate and Environment Risks”, “"Local Government Revenue Raising from Natural Resources”, “Alternative Energy Linking Climate and Environment Consideration”, “Community Based Forestry and Climate Change: Implications for Environment and People Living in Poverty in Nepal”. The document reports on each of the papers.