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    Digitize all educational materials to connect education. AIDDE (Africa Intellectual Database for Development and Excellence) inclusive platform of independent electronic libraries for each participant with anything they have for the table of plenty for quality education for all, #OneWorldOneAcademicLibrary, linked to SHARE mutual educational resources / same quality access for global learning success, not with private clouds for privileged access only to drive global competition. Wraps up the expectations of SDG4 today. Not having an independent e-Library not an excuse any more!

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    The platform is developed to host the resources of libraries of thousands of universities around the world for the purpose of bringing together : Academic and industrial researchers, engineers, the youth, developers of Green Energy Technologies for the purpose of Development and Industrialization of developing nations Educational materials for the poor, needy, and marginalized people through the sharing of e-library and knowledge resources The system will allow all people to share knowledge, creativity, skills, for the development of Green Energy Technologies for Africa and the rest of the world. The AIDDE Platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on every digital device in the world. The platform will promote, Integrity, Honesty, Self-confidence, Peace Initiatives, Love, Understanding, and Unity among humans through the gift of knowledge sharing of educational resources among people throughout the world (Service to Humanity and all of us standing and working together) Final Vision Technology Ltd support team will offer technical support around the clock.


    Enhance the vision of the global village; reduction of poverty through education, the establishment of multi-directional communication technologies, and the sharing of knowledge among people are vital to the developing economies of countries around the world. The e-Teaching Technology, the Digitization of all Educational resources from all the African universities to be shared, and a Virtual Classroom, is to provide a platform whereby all universities, industries, institutions of higher learning, colleges, and younger children from kindergarten to junior high schools will share all educational materials, thesis, full academic textbooks, research materials, industry manuals, journals, and articles in Africa and the rest of the world.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    The main benefit of the system goes to students since the system will provide enough quality academic e-library textbooks for the students to conduct an effective research for the development of any technologies, scientific models, and Business Development processes. Universities and schools that register to become partners with AIDDE will benefit from the academic textbooks that will be purchased or donated from publishers, Authors, and renowned academic scholars. All those educational materials will be available on the platform for every university on the platform to benefit. 2. Students registered on the system can work on projects together from all over the world no matter where they are located through " Make a Difference in the world Dashboard " that will be available on the system. 3.FvTech also has the equipment to help schools and Universities to digitizes their educational materials and upload those materials onto the platform for both their students and also other universities in Africa and the world to access those materials.(Share Knowledge) All African universities and schools will also have the opportunity to digitize their Educational materials and upload them on the system.

    Sustainability and replicability

    The platform will also provide Share Point, Cloud Data Storage & data Security for companies, organizations, and various universities around the world to store documents for future generations. There will never be a better quality BOOK somewhere else than your OWN. (Just to give value on the importance of local contents production and development, everyone should be encouraging). FvTech digitization project will help everyone to easily share data, information, and knowledge for the common good. Education is the key to a quality and noble life, therefore, the use of e-Library Systems and computer technologies will facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, efficiency, and wisdom which are the fundamental pillars of building a sound economy in every society.

    COVID-19 Impact

    Covid19 prompted for a spiking request for education online and raised moral responsibility for communities to available proven quality learning resources online to respond to the high demand to continue studying virtually has become irreversible. “EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL AND ALSO BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND INDUSTRIES”, a basis for awareness and better management of any pandemic situation, never wait for the sudden surprise.

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    01 October 2007 (start date)
    01 December 2025 (date of completion)
    Other beneficiaries

    Final Vision Technology Ltd conducts business with high integrity, honesty, and high moral standard with a strong code of ethics and values to bring this project to the students and the general public. In order to protect the Intellectual properties of individual publishers, authors and enforce the copyright laws, students and readers are not allowed to download any materials or print more than 10 pages from this website unless written permission is obtained from the publishers and authors. All books and educational materials at the general library are legally purchased from publishers, individual authors, and resource materials that are available in the public domain to be read. The resources at this platform are only used for educational, academic and industrial research purposes by students and non-students for the development of Green Energy Technologies through the gift of sharing knowledge. Non-students can read from this platform through the purchase of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

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