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Female-headed household support office

Bahrain young ladies association (
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    The Bahrain young ladies Association has translated the sustainable development goals and specifically what is concerned with eradicating poverty, decent work and economic growth, and preserving the environment, into reality through the establishment of the Office of woman who support the family, in 2009 to provide its services to the group of women supporting their families and children, which is the first office of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    The association worked through the team overseeing the Office of woman Supporting their families to formulate an environmental development plan in favor of empowering this group of women, Accordingly, a number of development projects have been implemented aimed at supporting and empowering women with an additional source of income or employment opportunity through training them to recycle the materials available in the surrounding environment and the home in large numbers to obtain a product of materials, which contributes to improving their living situation and economic empowerment.


    By 2020, number of women supporting their families and benefiting from recycling projects were (39) and (2) from the micro start project. the most important challenges the Office of Woman supporting the family faced is the low level of environmental awareness, due to the low level of education of these groups of women, which requires a lot of formal and civil efforts to improve the living conditions of these marginalized groups and thus improve their economic situation, depending on their potential, abilities and economic empowerment, thus breaking the cycle of poverty Imposed on them as well as achieving the sustainable environment preservation through recycling of materials

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Initially, the project was able to win a financial prize from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and to cooperate with the Municipality of the capital to finance the idea of operating the rotary barrel to convert food waste into fertilizer, and with the active members of the association who volunteered to continue to consolidate this idea and train women and convince them to work and participate in such development projects that It was one of the elements of success that contributed to supporting her economic needs in the family, in addition to improving her psychological and social conditions.

    Sustainability and replicability

    - The office work in line with the SDGs, specifically empowerment and achieving equality, as well as eradicating poverty and preserving the environment through several environmental and developmental programs to enable women economically, increase their income and train and qualify women to ensure that they earn a decent living income by involving them in a series of projects and programs. By that the Office has made progress in achieving the eighth goal of the SDGs (decent work and economic growth) by training and qualifying women to implement and manage development projects, such as: 1-Recycling project for paper, plastic, aluminum and household appliances 2- Recycling project of converting home food waste to organic fertilizer 3-Recycling project of used clothing, shoes and bags.

    COVID-19 Impact

    Because of the Corona 19 epidemic and its repercussions, which have left its effects on everyone, the association launched a campaign entitled "Let's join hands for Bahrain" The campaign works on Providing social and economic support to women, through the association's institutions, the most important of which is the Women's Office for Family Support, because the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the practice by limiting the marketing of recycling materials. 165 families have benefited from the financial support provided by the campaign In addition, an emergency plan has been developed to provide psychological and social support to women affected by the Corona epidemic

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    25 August 2009 (start date)
    31 December 2030 (date of completion)
    a team from the Bahrain young ladies association
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    Other beneficiaries

    Since starting the recycling projects, the association worked on contracting several partnerships with various civil society and women organizations and signing memorandums of understanding with many civil and official institutions, which contribute to supporting the needs of women breadwinners, beside recycling companies and members of the association supporting recycling projects

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