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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Now available - HESI Partner Programme

Join a community of shared learning and support to integrate the SDGs into higher education. The aim of the HESI Partner Programme is to connect higher education institutions, networks, and student organizations to create a community of shared learning in support of SDG integration into curricula, research, programmes and campus practices and facilitate transfer of knowledge.  

Open to all members of HESI the programme will draw from the diverse knowledge and experience of those working in different circumstances. 

Activities will include: 

  • Mapping of expertise and conducting needs analysis on integrating SDGs in the higher education community.   

  • Organize knowledge sharing workshops on various aspects of identified expertise and needs.  

  • Pair organizations in partnerships to deepen relationships and knowledge sharing to advance SDG integration.  

  • Develop a simple toolkit on Integrating SDGs into higher education, drawing from existing material, results from the other HESI Action Groups, and from the knowledge workshops.   

For more information and to apply: 

About HESI 

The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) is an open partnership between several United Nations entities and the higher education community launched in the lead-up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (or Rio +20) in 2012, with the purpose of highlighting the critical role that higher education plays in achieving sustainable development. 

Each year, HESI designates “Action Groups” to tackle topics related to higher education for sustainable development. These Groups draw upon the membership of the HESI community to carry out their work and are composed of several organizations and contributors. At the 2022 HESI Global Forum, the HESI Partner Programme was announced as a new action group by the co-chairs of HESI, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and Sulitest. 

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