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Webinars of the Community of Ocean Action on Mangroves (7, 12 and 20 September 2018)

September 7, 12 and 20




UN DESA, the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, and IUCN stated on the scope and objectives of the Community of Ocean Action for Mangroves to accelerate actions towards the implementation of SDG14. The Focal Points shared how the Community is a key complement to the frameworks of other global initiatives and networks that Ramsar and IUCN are facilitating, namely Mangroves for the Future, Save Our Mangroves Now!, the Global Mangrove Alliance, and others.

GRID-Arendal presented lessons, challenges, and achievements from three of its Voluntary Commitments: The Blue Forests Project, Blue Carbon Code of Conduct Project, and Oceanic Blue Carbon Project (Ocean Action #21548, #20420, and #21396).

IUCN Sri Lanka provided an update regarding their support to the government on marine and coastal resource management and sustainable livelihoods in Northern Sri Lanka (Ocean Action #19874).
The Fiji Government through the Department of Lands and the Ra Provincial Council shared updates on their commitment for the creation of an Integrated Coastal Management Plan with ridge-to-reef planning and management (Ocean Action #19984). The Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network (FLMMA) presented on their updates, challenges, and lessons learnt (Ocean Action #21668).

IUCN provided updates on the progress of the Community as a whole in terms of Community growth, voluntary commitment distribution, and VC updates. Key results from the member survey were shared and discussed among webinar participants, particularly on the challenges Community members are facing in implementing their VCs, and how the Community can help members overcome these.

Please see below for the webinar slides and recordings, as well as the post-webinar brief with resources mentioned during the webinar discussions, and upcoming events of interest to the Community of Ocean Action for Mangroves.

Recordings of webinars:

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