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Webinar 2: How to Maximize Climate and SDG Synergies? Identifying Opportunities and Navigating Trade-offs

Fri 19 Feb 2021, 9.30 am


Webinar 2 introduced some of the tools and methods that can help decision-makers identify climate & SDG synergies with the most potential in their locality or country. Speakers offered lessons learned for local and national planning and introduce decision-making tools that can help planners navigate trade-offs and prioritize opportunities to realize climate & SDG co-benefits.

Guiding Questions:

  • What policy areas hold the most promise to maximize SDG and climate synergies?
  • What tools can help stakeholders understand how social, environmental, and economic policies and/or targets will interact in practice?
  • What methods are used to identify the actions & collaborations most likely to advance multiple targets?
  • How can stakeholders minimize or avoid trade-offs between objectives?
  • How does integrated SDG and climate planning work in practice?

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Opening by Moderator Dhesigen Naidoo, PhD., CEO, Water Research Commission, South Africa

  • Illustrating potential policy areas for climate/SDG co-benefits and the relevance of supporting tools and methods

Tools and methods that help decision-makers identify and act on climate/SDGs synergies:

  • Mr. Jason Veysey, Senior Scientist, SEI - U.S. Centre - LEAP Model (SEI Integrated Climate and Development Planning Initiative) Presentation
  • Mr. Piotr Magnuszewski, Ph.D, Research Scholar, Centre for Systems Solutions/ IIASA - Nexus/SDGs Synergies Game  Presentation
  • Ms. Sofia Gonzales-Zuñiga, Lead Author, SCAN-tool Methodology, New Climate Institute  Presentation

Lessons and practices from national NDC processes and planning with climate/SDGs synergies:

  • Ms. Anne Nyatichi Omambia, Ph.D, Climate Change Coordinator, NEMA - Kenya NDC process
  • Mr. Manjeet Dhakal, Head of LDC Support Team, Climate Analytics - Nepal NDC process Presentation
  • Ms. Sara Gonzalez, Head of International Relations, National Council for Climate Change and CDM Presentation