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Partnership webinar series 1 - Is your organization equipped to partner effectively for the SDGs?

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 10.00 am




The achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals require different sectors and actors working together in an integrated manner by pooling financial resources, knowledge and expertise. Cross sectorial and innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships play a crucial role for getting us to where we need by the year 2030. Furthermore, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has underscored the importance of enhancing global collaboration and effective partnerships among all sectors and stakeholders, while building back better, together. The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of our societies, posing an unprecedented challenge to all countries and all peoples, and in particular putting those farthest behind at even greater risk. Slowing the pace of COVID-19 and mitigating its impact cannot be the work of governments alone, instead it requires an all-of-society response.

Central to the vision of the 2030 Agenda is the idea that governments, business, NGOs, the UN, academia and others are all working together through a rich tapestry of formal and informal partnerships, from the global to the country level, aligning interests and combining their resources to collectively deliver on the promise. However, the reality is that many institutions, companies and NGOs are not institutionally equipped to partner, and the friction and heat this creates, risks derailing progress towards the collaborative vision.

Online workshop

The first webinar in the series will explore the challenges - and successes - in being institutionally fit for purpose to partner effectively to implement the SDGs, from the perspective of diverse stakeholders and sectors (governments, UN entities, civil society and business).

Actors in different sectors often struggle with the same obstacles and challenges that can derail successful partnering efforts. These include institutional dimensions and challenges, such as rigid procurement processes, lack of strategic vision and leadership for developing effective ways of partnering, amongst others.

Participants will be able to learn about key aspects for organizations to be equipped for developing partnerships and build recognition of and appreciation of the institutional capacities required for effective collaboration.

Speakers include UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), UN Development Coordination Office, World Vision International, The Partnering Initiative + governments, business and civil society. Sign up at: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/PartnershipAccelerator

Sign up and more at: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/PartnershipAccelerator