United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Ending Child Poverty as Part of the SDGs: Indicators and Implementation under Goal 1

Conference Room 12, United Nations HQ, New York


For the first time, the global community has recognized the centrality of children to address global poverty. As part of the new SDGs proposed to end poverty, the new agenda aims to ‘reduce at least by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty in all dimensions according to national definitions’ by 2030.

The event will discuss how the new Sustainable Development Goals aiming to end extreme poverty and halve child poverty in all its dimensions can be measured and implemented. The event will highlight the central role that children can play in ending poverty, and highlight the experience of countries in measuring and addressing child poverty at the national level in relation to the new SDGs.

The event will also serve to present the joint statement Towards the End of Child Poverty by global partners and introduce the new Global Coalition Against Child Poverty.