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The 2030 Agenda for Children: End Violence Solutions Summit

Stockholm, Sweden


There is growing evidence that violence against children is preventable, and mounting public consensus that it will no longer be tolerated. Guided by our strong commitment to children’s rights, we can prevent and end violence against children by investing in safe, stable and nurturing environments that let children thrive.

The INSPIRE package builds on our growing understanding of the ways in which violence can be prevented. Evidence shows that interventions are most effective when they are implemented as part of a comprehensive, multi-sectoral plan harnessing the seven INSPIRE strategies, working in combination and reinforcing each other.

This means that coordination mechanisms are essential. No single sector alone can ensure good outcomes and secure children’s protection from violence.

The goals of this Summit are:

• to highlight and share mutually supporting initiatives that advance the cause of children’s rights, and to
prevent and bring to an end to all forms of violence against children. This is called for in the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development and is promoted by the Global Partnership to End Violence;
• to spread solutions that end violence against children; to highlight how the Partnership supports the 2030
Agenda and strengthens children’s rights; and
• to make the rights of the child known and safeguarded; and to reinforce a shared commitment for action to
end all forms of violence against children.