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Partnership Exchange

Mon 30 Jan 2023, 8.00 am




The 2023 ECOSOC Partnership Forum was held on 31 January 2023, under the main theme of the 2023 ECOSOC and the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), “Accelerating the recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at all levels”. 

The Partnership Exchange, organized by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs virtually on 30 January 2023, the day prior the ECOSOC Partnership Forum, provided a space for Member States and other stakeholders to share knowledge and expertise in the design and implementation of partnerships that will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Partnership Exchange will result in a detailed summary, to be submitted to participants of the ECOSOC Partnership Forum.


08.00 AM - 08.05 AM Participants joining the call
08.05 AM- 08.10 AM
Welcome remarks and housekeeping
  • Ms. Lotta Tahtinen, Chief, Outreach and Partnerships Branch, Division for the Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
08.00 AM - 08.20 AM
Keynote address
  • Mr. Navid Hanif, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
08.30 AM - 09.45 AM
Session 1 - Building partnerships for unlocking financing for the SDGs

To achieve the SDGs, a new wave of financing strategies and opportunities must be developed to unlock public and private capital. Partnerships are essential to bridge the SDG financing gap and leverage the necessary funds to drive implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The session will focus on how effective partnerships can be forged to leverage and channel investments for the implementation of the SDGs.

Moderator: Mr. Arif Neky, United Nations, SDG Platform, Kenya

Kick-off presentation: Ms. Serena Li, Research Lead, World Resources Institute presents "Unlocking Early-Stage Financing for SDG Partnerships" (10 minutes)


  • Mr. Lee Karuri, Trustee, KEPSA Foundation and Chairman of the Finance, Trade and Investments Network of Kenya FINTRINET
  • Ms. Lisa Kurbiel, Head of Secretariat, Joint SDG Fund
  • Ms. Serena Li, Research Lead, World Resources Institute
  • Ms. Marianne Mwaniki, Board Trustee, The Partnership Initiative
  • Ms. Abha Thorat-Shah, Executive Director, Social Finance at British Asian Trust
  • Mr. Julio Worman, Programme Analyst, Global Engagement, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Division, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
10.00 AM - 11.15 PM
Session 2 - Building partnerships at the country level to leverage resources from all sectors of society

To bolster effective country driven partnerships for SDG implementation, all stakeholders from various sectors of society must work in unison to leverage resources, knowledge and aspirations needed for transformational change.

This session will provide insights on how multi-stakeholder partnerships can be built at the national level, including through developing national partnership platforms that brokers and catalyzes new multi-stakeholder partnerships for advancing SDG implementation.

Moderator: Mr. Darian Stibbe, Executive Director, The Partnering Initiative


  • Ms. Shahamin Zaman, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Bangladesh
  • Ms. Florence Syevuo, Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies Kenya
  • Mr. Yunus Arikan, Director of Global Advocacy, ICLEI World Secretariat
  • Ms. Priscilla Jazmin Miranda Garcia, Development Coordination Officer, RCO Mexico
  • Mr. Carlos Applewhaite, Development Analyst, Sustainable Development Goals Secretariat, Planning Institute of Jamaica
  • Ms. Celeste Connors, Executive Director Hawai'i Green Growth Local2030 Hub
  • Ms. Danielle Jean-Pierre Figueroa, Research and Partnerships Director, ALIARSE
11.30 AM - 12.45 PM
Session 3 - Unleashing the creativity, knowledge, and energy of youth for multi-stakeholder partnerships

Youth are a major force and key actors in achieving the SDGs. Young people have played, and will continue to play, a key role in shaping the implementation of the SDGs through their creativity, knowledge and energy. This session will focus on how to partner with youth to harness their resources in multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Moderator: Ms. Susanne Salz, Project Leader, Partnerships2030


  • Ms. Christa Schweng, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
  • Ms. Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
  • Ms. Inés Yábar, Lead Fellow, Next Generation Fellows
  • Mr. Satesh Bidaisee, Professor, St. George’s University, Grenada
  • Mr. Emmanuel Cosmas Msoka, UNICEF Youth Advocate
  • Mr. Kimbowa Richard, Programme Manager, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development
12.45 PM - 01.00 PM
Closing and launch of a Partnership Campaign to strengthen partnership enabling factors towards the 2023 SDG Summit

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