United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Chairman,
Zimbabwe welcomes the Chair?s text as a first attempt to capture our
discussions during IPM in February. I wish to associate my statement
with that made by Pakistan on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.
Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind
today and has the potential to undermine efforts towards achieving
sustainable development if not seriously addressed.
While specific actions to address climate change should be taken in
the context of the UNFCCC, CSD can provide both policy and
political guidance towards addressing sustainable development
challenges linked to climate change as well as provide for monitoring
and review.
Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change and has the
least capacity to adapt to the growing frequency and intensity of
extreme weather events.
Mr. Chairman,
The need for additional financial resources, technology transfer and
capacity building for adaptation for Africa requires special attention in
the chair?s text. This should include support for early warning capacity
and establishment and/or strengthening of systematic observation
Mitigation is essential to address future climate change and CSD
should ensure that developed countries take the lead in reducing their
emissions of GHG in accordance with the Kyoto protocol and on the
basis of Principle 7 of the Rio declaration on Common But
Differentiated Responsibilities. Mitigation should be given urgent

Unsustainable consumption and production patterns have an
important bearing on climate change and sustainable development.
As long as 20% of the world population uses 80% of the energy
sustainable development will remain elusive for the 80% of the world
population. The document should urgently address this important
issue and ensure that countries pursue sustainable production and
consumption. Energy distribution becomes a critical issue.
Mr. Chairman,
Let me conclude by calling on CSD to ensure that actions to address
climate change are sustainable and linked to all relevant thematic
areas of CSD in particular, energy for sustainable development,
industrial development, air pollution and Atmosphere and Agriculture.
I thank you.