United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Madam Chair,
From the outset allow me to align my statement with that made by
Pakistan on behalf of the G77 machinery. Let me begin by saying that
the Chair?s text is a good first attempt to capture our discussion
during IPM. However the documents requires sharpening and
includes some critical points raised. Zimbabwe believes that access
to modern sources of energy for both domestic and industrial
development in both rural and urban areas in Africa is a pre-requisite
to poverty eradication and sustainable development. To facilitate this
access the energy should be affordable, socially and environmentally
Madam Chair,
Many developing countries such as Zimbabwe have the bulk of their
populations without access to modern energy sources and rely on
biomass fuel which, to a large extent causes health problems
particularly to women and children. The text also needs reference to
the need to improve access of women to modern energy sources for
both domestic and industrial use.
It is therefore essential that CSD 15 comes up with specific actions to
ensure that modern sources of energy are made available to
developing countries through increased investment in the energy
sector. Yesterday, from the presentations from the regional
institutions it was clear that Africa requires a lot of investment in the
energy sector if the continent has to achieve industrial development
and eradicate poverty.
Renewable energy, including bio-fuels have a potential to improve
availability of energy to poor countries. This requires investment in R
& D, capacity building and technology transfer. It is also critical to
leave all energy options open and not to foreclose any.
Madam Chair,
Energy efficiency provides a win win solution to sustainable
development. Under the principle of Common But Differentiated
Responsibilities, it is essential that new and additional financial
resources, technology transfer and capacity building be provided to
developing countries to enable them to improve energy efficiency and
hence decoupling economic development and environmental
It is our hope that the document that we will come up with will have
specific actions with specific targets and timelines. It is also important
that specific responsibility is allocated for each action which will be
subject to review at a specific agreed period.
Let me conclude by saying that Zimbabwe is prepared to work with all
delegations in coming up with a living document that will have a
lasting impact of future sustainable industrial development for poverty
I thank you.