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Zero Vision Tool

Friday, June 9, 2017
13.00 - 15:00
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Mr Chairman, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Carl Carlsson from Zero Vision Tool. Today I’m speaking on behalf of the Swedish Initiatives for Agenda 2030, the Baltic and North Sea Maritime Green Team, and 5 voluntary commitments.
I would like to thank Sweden, Finland and EU for supporting all the pioneering industry and university projects to reach the vision zero and support goal 14 among others.
Thank you UN for letting us attend and discuss these important issues. During this week we have contributed, not only with commitments, but also with lessons learned that we have experienced from concrete Industry projects, the method we have used and perhaps most important – an industry view on how we best move forward together.
We have had representatives from both the land based and the shipping Industry, showing that when the industry gets the support to be the initiating party we can contribute to a more rapid change and to sustainable implementations.
Some of the examples from the land based industry are;
• developing a fossilfree steel production, and,
• byproducts from steel industry for water purification.
From the shipping industry;
• new built and retrofit vessels developing and testing alternative fuels,
• ports building up the needed infrastructure, and,
• we have shown, thanks to engaging the Academia, that the benefit to society, is calculated to more then 1 million USD per ship and year when the industry is supported through different types of temporary Financial Mechanisms to invest in green alternatives.
Our next step is taken in September when the Baltic and North Sea countries through HELCOM and Council of Baltic Sea States gather stakeholders to a Public, Private Partnership – the Green Team. A face to face meeting iss arranged at the shipping community in Sweden – Donsö. We invite you all.
The Industry has shown in concreate industry projects, with the great support from Governments, Agencies and the Academia, that the it is both wise, and also necessary, to let the Industry take an active part. PPPs - Public, Private Partnership - are a successful way to reach goal 14 and the vision zero.
The voluntary commitments are:
19335 (Green Team)
14975 (LNG4 Solution)
15203 (Bothnia Bulk)
17154 (Hybrit)
20844 (Minrent)
Thank you.