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Zero Vision Tool

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
15.00 - 18:00
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Mr Chairman, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Helén Jansson from Zero Vision Tool. Today I’m speaking on behalf of the Swedish Initiatives for Agenda 2030 and the Baltic & North Sea Maritime Green Team 01 voluntary commitment 19335.
I like to thank Sweden Finland and EU, for supporting all the pioneering implementations and developments in the ongoing industry and university projects to reach the vision zero and support goal 14:3 among others. And thank you UN for holding this space where we openly can discuss these important issues. With governmental support we have shown that when the industry take the responsibility, and are the initiating party, we can contribute to a more rapid change and sustainable implementations.
The participants using the ZVT Public Private Partnership method have shown, and still are, that collaboration between different types of industry & university stakeholders, defining what areas they as a whole can contribute with, and in which areas help are needed, the vision zero is in reach.
Two of the Joint Industry Projects; LNG 4 Solution and Bothnia Bulk have made voluntary commitments; #14975 and #15203. They are among the projects reporting progress with their work. Other Swedish industry commitments have been made today in Hybit #17154 and Minrent #20844. They are all here in the audience if you like to have first-hand information regarding their commitments.
When coming back to the Shipping initiatives the Green Team with parties from the Baltic States have put forward a work plan for 2017 which the HELCOM Head of Delegation already welcomed. This to take the next step in the Baltic and North Sea region which includes a PPP face to face meeting in September at Donsö Island on the west coast of Sweden – you are all most welcome to participate and share knowledge. Together we look into further development of financial mechanisms, based on benefits to society and sea, to support followers for a profitable green transition. And also, decide on a collective progress reporting method, where the ZVT is one.
We like to invite others to share the vision, method and collaboration to reach the vision of zero accidents, emissions and discharge for transport at sea and by that reach a new normal state where green solutions are the natural choice.
Thank you.