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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Zero Vision Tool

Mr Chairman, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Helén Jansson from Zero Vision Tool. Today I’m speaking on behalf of the Global Business Alliance 2030 and the Business and Industry Major Group.
Since Zero Vision Tool is, and has been since late 2011, an industry driven PPP (triple helix) for a safer and more environmentally climate and energy efficient transport at sea, where lessons learned and information are shared in the areas of vessel, infrastructure, finance, regulation and new R&D topics, when implementing real green sustainable solutions, we like to lift the importance of including all areas of research from the unknown territories to the human factors when implementing new solutions.
It’s important to lift the fact that we are in the middle of a structural societal change where we all can contribute, in different ways on different levels. In ZVT 160 organisations in 10 countries, mainly situated in the North Sea and Baltic Sea area, report progress and hindrances which makes the basis for priorities in the work towards the vision zero. Not only technology development and implementation, but also development of different types of temporary financial instruments and infrastructural solutions which are needed to reach the new normal state where green solutions are the natural choice both for the environment and as the most beneficial investment for society and for the industry.
We believe that the industry has to take the responsibility and be the initiating party if we like a more rapid change and sustainable implementations. The participants using ZVT have shown, and still are, that collaboration between different types of industry stakeholders, defining what areas they as a whole can contribute with, and in which areas help are needed, the vision zero is in reach. We like to invite others to share the vision, method and collaboration to reach the vision of zero accidents, emissions and discharge for transport at sea and by that reach a new normal state where green solutions are the natural choice. We also like to underline the importance of including industry representatives as main discussion partners in all the seven theme dialogues, and our participants like to contribute with their knowledge and lessons learned.
Thank you.