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Thematic Discussions: Drought and Desertification
Zambia would like to associate itself with the statement made by the Pacific States. Climate Change and unsustainable use of environmental resources have accelerated land degradation and drought with far reaching consequences. Drought is one of the natural disasters that has significant economic, social and environmental impacts in Zambia. Its impacts are first apparent in agriculture, Zambia?s industry that directly employs a substantial proportion of the population and contributes well over 20% to the Gross Domestic Product. In Zambia, this industry is greatly dependent on rainfall and rain-fed agriculture is widely practiced across the country. Maize crop failure attributed to changing weather patterns is also common across the country?s three agro zones.
Furthermore, drought affects water resources with severe impacts on hydropower generation and irrigation. Constant water supply in virtually all urban areas is a very big challenge!
Promoting sustainable land management and providing alternative livelihood strategies can help to fight drought, land degradation and desertification