United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

Statement from the World Society for the Protection of Animals to the Preparatory Committee of the SIDS Conference 2014
New York, February 25 2014
Thank you Mr. Co-Chair
My name is Naiara Costa and I speak on behalf of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).
WSPA considers promoting healthy and productive Oceans and Seas as well as reverting the negative impact of climate change on SIDS are key themes to be discussed during the SIDS Conference in Samoa. In this sense, WSPA supports the call from SIDS and several other countries for a sustainable development goal on Oceans and Seas in the Post-2015 agenda.
We would like to stress our interest in participating in the SIDS Conference and to suggest the following themes to be included in the agenda: an increased use of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs); measures to reduce marine debris and the consideration of marine animal health and prevalence – for instance, the prevalence of top predators- as indicators of ocean and sea health. Ensuring healthy oceans and seas is not solely an "island" issue but essential to sustaining life and livelihoods for the survival of people and the planet.
With regard to climate change and its impact, in particular the increasing likelihood of natural disasters, WSPA strongly encourages building resilience through the adoption of disaster risk management plans that include the protection of livelihoods and productive assets, including livestock, working animals, tools and seeds.
We agree with those Member States that have called for the inclusion of disaster risk reduction in the agenda of the SIDS Conference and we hope that strong commitments will be announced in this area and that the means of implementation are provided for the SIDS to achieve them.
I thank you Mr. Co-Chair