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Statement by the Honorable Meltek Sato Kilman livtuvanu
Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu
Post-201S Development Summit
Interactive Dialogue 6 IIDelivering on a Revitalized Global Partnership"
26 September 201S
United Nations, New York
Mr. President;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Mr. President, I thank you for the opportunity to address this august summit again on behalf of my government and the people of Vanuatu. The theme for this session "delivering on a revitalized global partnership" is an important one as it underscores the need to embed the 2030 Agenda on a robust integrated framework and to implement them through dynamic, invigorated partnerships.
Mr. President, for small economies like Vanuatu with diseconomies of scale, creating effective development partnerships remain a challenge.
Mr. President, as regards SDGs, development cooperation must become more effective and aligned to country programs and goals. Development aspirations must be country driven, firmly grounded in national development policies and practices. Development partners must make predictable and readily available financing, immune from conditionality, to SIDS and LDCs. It is the only way small, vulnerable countries like Vanuatu can truly sustain their development objectives. I join many other voices from developing countries to call on the commitments of developed countries to apportion 0.7 per cent of gross national income as ODA as outlined in the Monterrey Consensus and the Johannesburg declaration to materialize without delay.
Mr. President, to ensure that SDGs achieve truly transformative results, it is imperative that they are implemented through an approach that is open, transparent, data driven and that deviates from' business-as-usual. Our approach must shift from a north-south framework of interaction to a more global effort. The goal to strengthen means of implementation and revitalizing global partnerships must be guided by the principle of ({common but differentiated responsibilities".
Mr. President, delivering on a revitalized partnership not only means reviewing development priorities and the way in which resources are channeled, but it also means being united in purpose and vision and therefore embracing approaches that work. For small developing island states like Vanuatu, resources must be channeled to genuinely boost human resources and production capacities. Further they must
be directed towards, developing economic infrastructures and promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Moreover, resources must be guided to help our island states to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and promote entrepreneurship at all levels of society to target the eradication of poverty and to ensure food security.
Mr. President, the success of SDGs requires leadership and collective wisdom at all national and international levels. I urge all of us to stand united and be part of the success story as it unfolds.
I thank youl