United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

United States of America (Part 2)

CSD-13 Interactive Discussion on Water
Remarks by Aaron Salzberg, U.S. Department of State
April 12, 2005
Thank you Mr. Chairman. I would like to first thank the panelists. We were very pleased
to hear a number of very good examples of partnerships/mechanisms/networks for
advancing implementation of the policy options in the Matrix from the Intersessional
Preparatory Meeting. AFRICASAN, AMIWASH, the GPA-Strategic Action Plan, White
Water to Blue Water ? these together are a perfect example of the growing network of
mechanisms to deliver results.
The question you posed, Mr. Chairman, was what decisions can we take to support these
efforts? I would like to offer a few thoughts. We could ask the CSD Secretariat to build
a web-based mechanism for the exc hange of best practices, lessons learned and perhaps,
as suggested by our Australian friends earlier this morning, make the IPM Matrix a
?living? resource. We could create linkages ? virtual and real ? to facilitate access to
these initiatives by interested parties. And we could set aside time at both formal and
informal processes, such as Stockholm Water Week and the Water Weeks of the regional
development banks, to promote, expand and build upon these partnerships.
Mr. Chairman, a separate issue. A number of delegations have raised issues regarding
the means of implementation. Mr. Chairman, these have been agreed to. Thus far, the
Chairman has done an exceptional job of making CSD innovative and keeping it focused
on practical ? doable ? results. The Chair?s Matrix from the Intercessional Meeting is a
perfect example of this. The decision document should be no different. It too should be
innovative in both form and substance. It too should be useful to implementers, in the
region, on the ground. To implementers, words like ?common but differentiated
responsibilities? make no sense. This decision document must be different than what we
have done in the past. Anything less, would be a step backwards. Thank you Mr.