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Remarks by the United States of America
On the Inauguration of the SIDS Steering Committee
February 25, 2016
Statement by Ambassador Sarah Mendelson
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
The United States deeply values its longstanding and constructive relationship with SIDS and we’ve consistently pledged our commitment to working in partnership with all stakeholders to achieve the sustainable development of SIDS in all regions.
So it is with great pleasure that we join others today to launch the Steering Committee on Partnerships for SIDS.
Everything about this group reflects the Samoa Pathway’s embrace of a multi-stakeholder partnership approach for sustainable development in SIDS and the spirit of cooperation and shared commitment to action that has characterized our work since Apia.
From the initial concept to today’s launch, this Committee is the product of an already constructive and collaborative joint effort between SIDS and their partners. Its mission is focused on examining and promoting concrete and effective partnerships for SIDS. And the Committee openly welcomes the participation of all stakeholders, including the
inputs from non-government stakeholders, in recognition of the important role that all play in the sustainable development in SIDS. With this pedigree, we are confident the Committee will be a success.
The Samoa conference and Samoa Pathway outcome document successfully focused attention on the unique circumstances of SIDS. Many SIDS have distinct vulnerabilities and challenges that are unique, but we believe that global partnerships can help tackle these varied issues. We hope that the SIDS Partnership Framework will provide a flexible and dynamic way to continue to raise awareness of SIDS’ development goals and bring different actors together to come up with concrete and pragmatic initiatives to promote sustainable development.
We therefore fully support the objectives of this Steering Committee to undertake a collaborative, long-term approach that can help ensure that the issues of SIDS are adequately addressed by the UN system, SIDS partners, and SIDS themselves for years to come. We look forward to contributing actively to the work of the Committee. We thank our SIDS friends and other active partners for their inspiring leadership and positive approach that have brought us here today.